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    Images being assigned size automatically

      I have this issue wherein after inserting an image in the html page, automatically the height and width of the image are populated in the HTML code...

      <img src="****.png" x-maintain-ratio=TRUE style="border: none; width: 475px; height: 215px; float: none; border-style: none; border-style: none;" width=475 height=215 border=0>

      Even if i remove these height and width attributes from the html code they come again on saving the page.

      I want to know if it is possible to remove these attributes from coming for the <img> tag....

      This is particularly disturbing when i add an image wit say attribs 400 * 400 .... how if i replace that image (with the same file name) with a smaller image and want it to be automatically replace in the html file then the new image which is of size 400*300 stretches out to fill that area.

      The result is that the image is very coarse...

      Please help...A solution to this problem could even help us to automate the process of insetring images into our docs..