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    DE 1 & Memory

    tinylion_uk Level 2

      I've liked DE from the first beta. But I was wondering why it seems such a memory hog. I installed the final version after deleting the beta and my library. I found it quite surprising that with only 18 books in the lib that DE1 is using over 160,000K. That seems a lot for what's said to be a small application. Is this figure going to grow out of hand as I add more to the library?

      Also of the 18 books I've just added to the library (all pdf's from the same directory) less than half of them show a front page thumbnail graphic, the others just being a grey background with yellow alert icon?

      I must say, DE is a much nicer app for reading PDF's than say Acrobat reader, but the memory issue seems a little odd. Is this normal or an issue with the way I'm using it?

      thanks again