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    Trouble installing Digital Editions

      I have windows vista and when I try to download the program the adobe digital editions installer prompt me to click yes to download and continue the installation, however when I do click yes nothing happens, this prompt simply remains on the screen. Does anybody know how I can get around this problem and download the program?
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          I have exactly the same problem - also in Vista. I have thoroughly checked, and rechecked my pop-up blockers, firewalls, even their recommended deletion of a registry entry associated with pop-up blockers. I uninstalled and then re-installed Flash. I even granted adobe.com "trusted site" status on my local LAN.

          I am as sure as one could ever be that I am not interfering with the install utility - it just doesn't work.

          The install prompt box appears, I click yes, nothing happens - no matter how long I wait.
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            Can you tell us a little more? What flavor of Vista? We assume you have not done anything unusual (like mapping My Documents to some other drive, etc.) What kind of machine? Browser and version? Anything out of the ordinary about your internet connection? Home system or work environment?

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              I'm having the same problem on a clean install of Vista Ultimate, English version, with all updates installed. The My Dcouments folder is set up as an offline folder and synchronized with a network folder. I have administrator rights with the account I'm using.

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                Is Adobe monitoring this forum. I have exactly the same problem with the Digital Editions installer. Click "Yes" and nothing happens. This is a real drag and a deterrent to purchasing Adobe-based ebooks. Joe
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                  Is anyone from Adobe monitoring this discussion? I have exactly the same issue with Digital Editions Flash Installer. Click on "Yes" and nothing happens. It is a real drag.
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                    Digital Editions does not presently support "offline" or managed folders. If your workflow requires this, you might want to try Reader 7 until we can add this support. You can find it at:


                    Note that Reader7 is not officially supported on Vista, but does usually work fine. But you will need to tell the website you are on Windows XP or it won't give you the choice to download Reader.
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                      I have the same problem. I am on a brand new dell laptop 1720 running vista premium. I have tried downloading on latest version of Explorer and Firefox. Both did the same...nothing.
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                        I have the exact same problem. Looks like this is universal and no one from Adobe seem to know how to help. I am even concern that they do not even know they have this product because I called the help desk from Singapore and I was routed to a call center who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about when I mentioned Adobe Digital Editions Installer!! Then the guy called his supervisor and the supervisor told me to do the standard things like turn off the firwalls and anti-virus programs. I told him that I have done that 10 times and rebooted my computer and the ADE still do not install itself. After 1 hour of holding on and speaking to him, he said the server where the program resides in is having problems and promised to call me back and send me the program to install directly on my computer the very nxt day. Nothing happens for 5 days. Then he wrote me an email and asked me again to turn off my firewall but mentioned something like "Karpersky Firewall" I only have the basic Windows Defender firewall and so, I wrote back. It is already 7 days into this episode and still no ADE installer and my ebook is still unread.

                        PS - the guy who claimed to be the supervisor said that I am the only one who has this problem. Sounds like he is lying!!
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                          I followed the instructions given by Ric Wright (downloading XP version 7) and after activating I can at least read my ebooks again. Downloading eboioks from the Adobe site still gives the same problem though...
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                            You need to contact your vendor and request that they reset your download settings from Adobe Digital Editions to Microsoft Reader.

                            The vendor I used is eBooks.com. I also had problems downloading Adobe Digital Editions. eBooks refunded the cost of the book I purchased from them and reset my download preference from Adobe Digital Editions to Microsoft Reader. After I temporarily reduced my security settings on IE7 to its lowest level, I had no problem downloading the Microsoft product and reading my book off-line.
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                              Those seeing this problem on Vista might also try this, if you are using IE. Go to Tools-> Internet Options -> Advanced

                              Find the checkbox "Warn if Changing between secure and non secure mode

                              Uncheck the box and then close and restart IE.
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                                That last trick of unchecking the warning box in advanced tools did nothing, since it was already unchecked. I have the same problem with Vista. This is ridiculous. The Adobe web site makes even finding ADE difficult, and it's not in all the drop-down menus. Adobe isn't taking this product seriously. They aren't responding to the customers' concerns, either. I can't download books from a US government site owned by the Navy. I'm going to communicate to them, and I do believe the US Govt is a good customer of Adobe, so maybe that will nmove them to do something...but I doubt it.
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                                  Will anyone reading this and having trouble installing on Vista (or any platform) please support incident at www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/? We have been trying very hard to reproduce these problems and have so far been unable to do so. We need to talk to the people who are having these problems so we can try to find the source of the problem.
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                                    Exactly the same problems. Tried all the solutions noted here with no positive results. I downloaded it just fine on an XP desktop.
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                                      I don't think my previous post went through as I had not logged in. I am having the same problem with digital edition and have spend all afternoon with the Indians trying to work it out. They finally told me that they do not support their free software!!! I'm going to submit a support incident at www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/ and let them know.

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                                        I have had the same issue with Digital Editions for the past year, ever since I upgraded to CS3 Web Professional. All my e-books are unavailable, including the free e-book recently downloaded from the promotional library. I had been using OS X 10.4 Tiger on an Intel MacBook, and have experienced the download problems, along with a failure to completely boot the application under 10.5 Leopard. This experience gives me no qualms about my recent efforts to discourage others from e-books as well as soliciting sources of software to permanently eliminate the Adobe "protection".
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                                          As noted previously, Digital Editions does not currently support Tiger (10.5). This is due to a bug in the server software which the current release of DE does not handle. It does not cause problems on Windows or 10.4 but does on 10.5 We have developed a workaround and the fix will be in the next release of Digital Editions.
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                                            Exactly the same problem on Vista, it downloads fine to my XP machine but it not the machine I use for work which is a problem as the e-book I have are critical to my work and only available in the abode format. I use and teach a whole bunch of your software and this deflates much of my confidence in your software especially since it much easier to use other companies software as we have campus wide licenses from them or its free due to campus wide arrangements. I have contacted you through your email and expect results ASAP
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                                              Uninstalled reader 8.1 and got 7.0.9 and I can now read my e-books but I would suggest that I shouldn't have to downgrade to reader and an old version at that to get this to work, it should work in Acrobat 8.1, get it together Adobe
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                                                I also have a Dell 1720. The same thing happens on mine, nothing. I have vista home premium.
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                                                  Also, 7.0 won't work on vista. At least I can't get it to.