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      I downloaded an e-book that opens up using Adobe Digital Editions. I need the e-book to be read to my dyslexic daughter by her computer using the text-to-speech application on her Mac (Version 10.4.10; 1.83 GHz Intel Core). Text-to-Speech dosen't seem to be supported by Adobe Digital Editions. Am I missing something? I would never have downloaded the book if I thought the text-to-speech wouldn't work. With all the people out there with learning disabilities why would you create a product that downloads e-books that doesn't allow for the computer to read them?
      Any up-grades in the future?
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          I too wanted text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities to read e-books. I don't know if this is true on the Mac, but on the PC Adobe Reader v6.0 allows TTS without the Digital Additions add-on. I use that for TTS capabilities with Adobe e-books or other PDF files.
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            Jim Lester Level 4

            Acrobat 6 and Acrobat 7 both support screen reading utilities on Mac and Windows for documents that have the appropriate permissions ("Content copying for accessibility"), as well as supporting the reading EBX encrypted files (eBooks).

            Acrobat 8 supports screen readers but does not support EBX encrypted files.

            Digital Editions supports EBX encrypted files, but version 1.0 does not support screen readers.

            If you require both eBook support and screen readers your best option at this point is to use Acrobat Reader 7.0.9, until the screen reader functionality is added to Digital Editions.

            Jim Lester
            Adobe Systems

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              Check out YAKiToMe! at www.yakitome.com. YAKiToMe! includes multiple free high-quality text to speech voices, much better than the MS voices. You can convert MS Word documents, .txt files, PDF files, RSS feeds, email, and any other electronic documents. This might be a reasonable solution for your e-book. At worst, you can cut and paste into YAKiToMe! to get your document converted. YAKiToMe! produces MP3 files or WAV files that can be easily podcast to your iPod or downloaded to your computer.