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    An Un-noted Bug, And A Question Or Two


      I heard about Adobe Digital Editions for the first time yesterday, downloaded it immediately, and spent the next 20 straight hours (yes, that's 20 as in two-oh) creating PDFs (using Office Word 2007's PDF-creating SAVE function), and trying them out on ADE. ADE is really quite superb in concept, and the user interface is simply beautiful.

      I've found one bug not noted by Adobe, and that is that when the FIND function is used with the two-page display option, more times than not, FIND doesn't highlight the searched-for term. With the single-page display, FIND works as it should, and highlights the searched-for term in every instance.

      Now for the question or two.

      1: What is available for creating PDFs so that if one publishes an eBook optimized for ADE, the PDF file immediately loads into ADE on clicking on the file's link, and if ADE is not on the machine, automatically downloads ADE, and then uploads the file to display (IOW, just as in your ADE digital library)? (I know about your InDesign CS3 export function, but that application is way out of the ballpark price-wise for little guys like me who have no other use for it.)

      2: In creating PDFs for use in ADE, how can the metadata for the ID be incorporated, again, without having to resort to apps such as InDesign CS3?

      Many TIA for your attention to this.