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    Open BACKUP PDF doc Fails

      Ok, I have several DRM'd PDF's I can open them with no problems.
      I deleted one of them from my
      "Adobe Digital editions" Pgm (Im running on MAC OS X 10.4)
      So I try to Open a Back up file (The one I deleted But previously had backed up)
      and Adobe says "This Document cannot be opened on this machine. Please contact the site where you obtained the document to download another copy" Ok then Here is the issue.
      The site where I DL'd says they will let me DL 3 times. And I should back up my dl'd files
      so I wont have to RE-DL. Ok so I did Save a Backup copy.

      WHY then Cant I open It?

      I even tried to Login to Adobes Site with my Adobe ID and re register my machine.
      I can open my other files just not the one I deleted. (But had backed up)
      In the event I delete or lose my Hard drive will my backups no longer be of any value?

      Anyone please help... Thank in Advance.

      One last thing.
      This will be the second time I have purchase the same Title books.
      when these books work their a dream come true.
      otherwise their a nightmare. with a cost.