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    11 Improvement Suggestions

      For a long time now I have been looking for a fast useful organizer that will allow me to organize my research PDFs, financial documents, etc. Basically trying to go towards a paperless home office if possible, and at the same time using it to keep up with my research reading. Digital editions meets some of the criteria. I can tag documents by placing them on multiple bookshelves and I can view the documents right there in the program(of course as an ebook reader I guess this is expected). The few things I really hope for is:

      1. Easy renaming of titles. Right now I have to go back to acrobat to rename the title to something useful. This is fine for documents I am creating new, but I already have a collection of documents that I don't want to have to go back and change the name on each and every one of them.

      2. Have a smart folder which lists all the untagged(non-bookshelf) documents. This way when I import 20 documents at a time I can easily see which ones are left to tag.

      3. Allow us to create smart lists. This is why people are resorting to iTunes to organize their pdf documents.

      4. Let me go to the file directly. I see the information dialog box about the file lists the location. Why can't I click it and the program opens the folder and highlights the file I am working on.

      5. Rotation within editions. Sometimes when I scanned documents in I didn't get the orientation right. Why not let me rotate it and save it?

      6. Link to acrobat reader or full version acrobat so that I can make some changes to the file.

      7. Combine the organizer within acrobat with this. I would use that organizer, but it doesn't allow me to run it separately without opening the behemoth acrobat. I want a quick organizer where I can locate the document I want and then decide if I want to print/edit or just read the document.

      8. If a file changed in the directory, why doesn't it change in Digital editions or at least ask me to locate the renamed file. I haven't even gone as far as checking what happens if I change some other aspect(ie text addition) within acrobat, save it and then go back to editions.

      9. Allow me to fill in forms and save, so that I don't have to go to reader or acrobat for this.

      10. Why isn't there a hand to allow me to move the page around while reading. This is standard on almost all other adobe product I know. Lets get a unified interface.

      11. Make it easier to tag. Maybe even predictive tagging based on content.

      The program looks really good. Runs phenomenally fast and could be very useful. If do a search of the web for pdf organizers (especially for windows) you'll see this is one area that there is a desperate need for. Macs have programs like Yep, Papers, Devonthink, etc.. I don't mind DE working as an ebook reader, but I think it could be so much more. Mac users may not be as desperate for some of these features because of Yep or Papers, but as a windows user and a researcher I am in desperate need of something that can do most of the above.