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    Digital Editions crashing on startup on a mac.

      Macintosh core Duo, OS 10.4.10, Digital Editions verson 1.0.464

      Adobe Digital Editions crashes on startup (at the Initializing stage). I have to Force Quit, then restart the program and it does open up.

      DE is way too slow for me. I've preserved Adobe Reader 7 on my machine. Why can't I open up any of my ebooks with it like I used to? Everything opens fine in Digital Editions, but won't open in the older software. Must I purge my computer of Adobe Reader 8 and Digital Editions to get back my previous functionality.
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          You can continute to use Reader 7 of that works best for you. But we would very much like to understand why it crashes for you (doesn't for me and I am typing this on a virtually identical system to yours). Does this crash, force-quite, restart OK happen every time?

          And what do you mean by "way to slow"? In what respects?

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            Yes. To re-state: Starting up from a shut-down computer, I would attempt to start Digital Editions, the window would open, then hang at "Initializing" forever. Spinning beach ball. When I would open the Force Quit window, the Digital Editions title would appear in Red, indicating the program is "not responding". After a Force Quit, I would open Digital Editions again. It then started perfectly. Closing the program and restarting it would also work well.

            Over the last couple of hours I deleted my entire library folder called "Digital Editions" and re-downloaded all 20+ ebooks from the provider. Now, Digital Editions starts up after a computer restart correctly. Everything appears to be functioning well. So I gather there was some corruption of my library that caused the program to hang.

            My dissatisfaction with the "slowness" is in regard to the scrolling speed on a single page when it is fit to width, the limitation to have to drag the scroll bar to scroll down, and the inability to zoom quickly with a zoom button or a "87%", "230%" etc. toolbar section.

            Reader was just much faster for me to use. I like to zoom in and out quickly, and scroll very quickly through a book to find what I need.

            Thanks for your quick reply above. This is good sign.
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              I am glad that you resolved the problem. We are working hard on optimizing the performance and user experience for Digital Editions and hope you will like the result.