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    Digital Editions in Mac OS X Leopard

      Why can I not use Digital Editions in Leopard? It's really not that different than Tiger? I can't even download it and find out for myself whether or not it works?
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          We do not yet support Leopard. And, yes, there are some significant differences at the OS level, file handling and networking has changed in subtle but important ways. We will be releasing a new version of DE (1.5) soon, which will support Leopard. And no, I cannot say exactly when due to Adobe's policy in that area.
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            You guys need to get on the ball. I just bought an eBook that I cannot use on my MacBook because I run Leopard. This is not acceptable. You have had the betas of Leopard for a long, long time.

            I used to respect Adobe as a company, but no more. You have no idea how you are alienating your customers because of your poor development of your DRM.

            What you don't "get" is that this is not like Photoshop where you can take your sweet time. You are denying people their legitimate RIGHT to what is theirs to use. You have done this with tying it to the computer and now with not having this version ready on time.

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              I agree with Ted. This is totally unacceptable. Adobe need to pick it up on the Apple aide, or Apple just needs to buy Adobe... period. In the meantime Ted, bootcamp or vmware Fusion has worked for me in the interim.
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                The problem with Leopard is that ther ea server-side bug in the software that delivers the ebooks. In Windows and OSX 10.4, this didn't cause a problem, but Leopard changed how they process HTTP headers a little and that causes the header to be incorrectly read. Since these servers are all over the world and in constant use, we can't fix that. We have fixed the bug already in the main and it will be in the next release. We are currently assessing when and how to release the fix.
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                  I bought an ebook that I need in order to write a paper for school. Now, I can't even see the book that I already paid money for. Not to mention, I cannot write my paper. I don't understand why something as simple as a means for viewing text can result in such complicated software issues. For god sake, send me the ebook in a microsoft word document, I DON'T CARE, I just want to read the book.
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                    > For god sake, send me the ebook in a microsoft word document,

                    Your frustration is understandable, but nobody even knows what you
                    bought or who you bought it from.

                    Aandi Inston
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                      I just downloaded Adobe Reader 7.0.9 from Adobe's site, and I was able to use it to read my eBook that I just purchased.


                      Works with Leopard and Intel!
                      - Rick
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                        Ricardo is correct. Download 7.0.9 by choosing 10.2 operating system as your current os. open the ebook and it will say adding to Digital Editions, and then simply open in 7.0.9
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                          Trying to use Adobe's 7.0.9 reader did not work for me.

                          This DRM system is absolutely insane. There's no better way to convince a paying customer to not trust your company or products by taking $30 for an eBook, which has given me only technical headaches and 600 pages of blank ePaper.

                          I bought an eBook because I liked the idea of having the book on my laptop, without having to lug around a bunch of physical books. However, now I'm out the $30, and I have NOTHING.

                          Adobe, this is ludicrous. I paid for this eBook... I'm supposed to OWN it. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm fairly certain that means I should be able to READ it.
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                            Bachelor, Please submit a support incident at www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/. I will obviously need more info in order to be able to tell what the problem is (OS, version, browser, details of the error, if any). Thanks.
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                              What a debacle. Leopard has been in Beta/released for close to a year. virtually everybody else has managed to get their heads around it but not Adobe. I've just PAID for a book that carried no warning of incompatibility only to discover half an hour later that good old Adobe don't have it together enough to crank out an update.
                              I avoid Adobe wherever possible these days and this just adds to my displeasure with you.
                              i've asked my retailer for a refund.
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                                What about the actual state? When can we expect the version 1.5?
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                                  I bought an eBook and I can't open it in the latest Acrobat but the workaround with Adobe Reader 7.0.9 worked in Leopard! thanks for the tip! I'm not sure why an older version works in Leopard and the current one doesn't?

                                  And I can't believe I spent $50 on a pdf file that I can't even open properly. Or print or scribble notes on... So am I supposed to go out and buy an $800 device to read eBooks just to find out that it wont support this locked file? And then some people wonder why iTunes is successful and eBooks aren't (yet)...
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                                    Just (ignorantly) downloaded my first e-Book in Adobe format - big mistake.

                                    Tried to download DE - can't, apparently because I'm running Leopard.

                                    Tried to open the e-book in Reader 7.0.9 - gives me this error:

                                    "Could not create an EDB database: Unable to load the specified database driver dynamic link library"

                                    Can't "activate" any devices because the Adobe website is screwed up (when I try to create an Adobe ID, the first question that pops up is "Select your country", and there are no choices in the pop-down menu).

                                    So I just wasted $20 for a book I can't even read.

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                                      I also just purchased an ebook online and what a stupid mistake i made, i will never buy another ebook again and Adobe's software, particularly this dumb Digital Editions Rubbish.

                                      What good is it for portability when you cannot even transfer that ebook you purchased to another computer of yours especially your laptop?. I happened to have 6 pcs and one laptop in my home.

                                      Please for sanity's sake fix this problem once and for all. We are NOT proud of your software anymore.

                                      Extremely Disappointed User
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                                        I also have a macbook pro with Leopard, and I've just bought and ebook that I can't use! This is incredible! How did Adobe still have no solution? I feel roubed! I need and want a way of reading the ebook I've bought NOW! I've already paid for it!
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                                          I just purchased an ebook from my Univeristy. The University site says my MacBook Pro running Leopard will work. Now I go to adobe's site and find out that I can't even download the software at my own risk. When will 1.5 be ready? It must be in Beta now, can I get a Beta copy?

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                                            I wish I had read this forum content first before I purchased an ebook. I knew there was trouble when I saw the "etd" file extension and not the usual pdf that you'd normally expect. Certainly was not pleased to hear that Digital Editions doesn't work on Leopard. This should have been made known at the time of purchase of the ebook.
                                            I bought the book from Ebookmall and was really looking forward to reading it as well as saving a few trees at the same time. It doesn't work for me with Adobe 7.09 either as suggested by some others. $20 and a lot of time wasted.Very disappointing indeed.
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                                              c_laus Level 1
                                              waiting and waiting....
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                                                This is very frustrating. I take school online and love using my mac and acrobat 8 pro to make a copy of a chapter with highlights and annotations that I can access from any mac via iDisk. Now I am forced to use acrobat reader 6.0 just to read it and forget markups unless you export and import them constantly to work between machines. I can't imagine giving up the new features of leopard just to read a pdf file....
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                                                  Wanted to read already purchased .pdf content on MacBook Pro instead of older G4.
                                                  After hours of frustration, only very specific set of steps worked for me.

                                                  (1) Must use Safari to open this page:
                                                  Other browser would not let drop-down menu drop down (assume it detected I was "lying" and would not cooperate).
                                                  (2) Chose OS 10.2.8 as indicated in above post.
                                                  (3) After download QUIT all Adobe software.
                                                  (4) Run Reader 7.0.9 installer in .dmg.
                                                  (5) Open Reader .app and File >> Digital Editions >> Authorize device. Saved authorization file to desktop, then double-clicked from there.
                                                  (6) Make sure browser lists current Mac in authorized devices list at bottom of Digital Editions accounts webpage.
                                                  (7) Keep saying NO every time Adobe pop-up offers to update Reader to version 8 (already HAVE that!!)
                                                  (8) Open Reader 7.0.9 first. Make sure Acrobat 8 Pro and Reader 8 not open.
                                                  (9) Control-click and "open with" pdf file or File >> Open within Reader 7.

                                                  Note -- if downloading more than one .etd file book purchase from same invoice at provider's website, browser put (2) and (3) on end of .etd file name. Needed to REMOVE the (2) and (3) from end of file names to get process to complete downloads.

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                                                    I am in the same boat as everyone else. I love reader ebooks on my computer, and I just bought one after I upgraded my computer to Leopard and found out Adobe isn't compatible with leopard. Now I am out the money I spent.

                                                    I tried downloading Adobe 7.09; however, when I try to activate the device an error message comes up stating that I can not be activated because I am not an EasyActivation User and cannot get the migrated to full user.

                                                    Does anyone know what this means?

                                                    I have always been able to download my ebooks on the Adobe Digital Reader, for some reason now I can't. This is very frustrating and I am extremely disappointed with Adobe. They knew Leopard was coming out and should have had the problem solved.
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                                                      I'm sorry, but the "Leopard transition" story does not excuse the same problem on Tiger. I have complained about the same issues listed by other notes on this forum for over 15 months. I have purchased and downloaded free digital content for over several years, and it is the change to the Digital Editions that has rendered all of my digital content unusable. I didn't want this change and was not advised of it when I upgraded my Creative Suite from CS2 to CS3. I concur with the complaints about lack of support (several phone calls, forum posts and e-mailed requests). I fully support anyone who can break the DRM imposed by Adobe and its breach of faith and contract.
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                                                        This talk about upcoming 1.5 has been going on since October at least, as far as I can tell. My problem right now is how am I supposed to find out when it comes out?

                                                        On the Digital Editions download page it doesn't say the version number. I checked the versiontracker website, and there I see Adobe Digital Editions 1.0.464 from 2007-06-20. Is that the newest version Adobe managed to release?
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                                                          I have installed 7.0.9 and now it tells me I used another ID to purchase the 4 ebooks. What is my next step? There seems to be no support path for digital editions (convenient for Adobe). I am directed by Adobe Reader and then the linked browser page to return to the book seller. But I believe that was Adobe? What now?
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                                                            I'm really pissed because I bought 2 digital textbooks for this term - we're not talking $10 or $20 purchases, one was over $100 and the other was about $85. After installing the textbooks I found out there is no support for Leopard, so now not only am I out $185+tax (the bookstore will not refund for activated textbooks) but I also have the pleasure of now buying the physical copies - there's another $250 out the window... Why couldn't Adobe freakin get on the ball already? Or at least post in BIG BOLD lettering "WE CURRENTLY ARE IGNORING THE 20% OF MAC USERS WHO HAVE UPGRADED TO LEOPARD" right on the front page? I'd have foregone the expense of wasted digital editions had I known they do not work with Leopard.
                                                            One thing is for sure, if Adobe keeps this up PDF will go the way of Vista...
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                                                              Here's another thought, after looking through the posts it appears as though Adobe has known about this issue since at least November... So thats about 2.5 months now guys - are your developers really so far behind they can not produce a fix for Leopard after 2.5 months? wow...
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                                                                And here we are in February of 2008 and Adobe Digital Editions is still not supporting Leopard and there was no notice that it didn't support it until AFTER I purchased an eBook. Not impressed fellas not impressed a bit. Get your s*&t together will you?
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                                                                  Same situation here. I just bought an eBook version of a book which I already own in paperback form from InformIT (for the convenience ironically). I was told that it's a PDF eBook, only to find out it's an ETD file. I download it, try to open it, get redirected to the Digital Editions page and repeatedly click on the install link/image only to be repeatedly redirected to the same page!! I then find out that Mac OS X 10.5 is not supported by Digital Editions?! It's been 3 months now since this problem's been acknowledged (from the original post date of this thread). When can we expect an updated version of Digital Editions so that Leopard users can stop losing money on books that they can't read?!
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                                                                    Some of our customers have had success in downloading and installing Adobe Reader 7 on OS 10.5.1 by choosing an older OS X version from www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html.
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                                                                      Same story - $100 purchase of a business law book with no forewarning. Companies don't pursue policies to screw over customers so I'm not one to be angry per se, but frustration is an understatement.

                                                                      I'm bothered also by having to rely on these jimmy-rig/hacks to get things to work. Happened with me on Second Life also, and I thought Mac's were supposed to 'just work'.


                                                                      MacBook Nov. '07
                                                                      Mac OS X 10.5.1
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                                                                        A lot of people here are complaining about support for leopard. Something I certainly agree with. However I am not running leopord. I am running 10.4.11 on a 2Ghz macbook pro. So first I downloaded my ebook and tried to open it. I was then directed to download digital editions. Great I am all for suffocating DRM.... Anyway downloaded it installed it and then attempted to download my book. It downloaded, I guess, only to give me some error message. Meanwhile it's been downloaded so I can't return it but I don't know where to find the file on my system and the fix is to get adobe reader 7. Okay I could live with that except that v7 doesn't run on an intel mac. So what now?
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                                                                          This was my first ebook purchase, and thanks to other users in this situation (and obviously no thanks to Adobe or ebooks.com for the forewarning), the 7.0.9 version of Acrobat Reader suggestion for Leopard worked for me (PowerBook G4). After running the installer, I did get several error messages trying to launch it for the first time (about not being support on my platform, etc), but I was persistent and after several resets/retries, it finally launched. I then double-clicked my .etd file, and now have my ebook. Power to the people!
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                                                                            Excuse me, but what did you expect ?
                                                                            The Apple environment is the epicentre of user hostile DRM. Any reading of the technical press would have told you this.
                                                                            As for not expecting this behaviour from Adobe that is just naive.
                                                                            Adobe is the company that got an academic thrown into jail using the DMCA when he pointed out flaws in the security of Adobe's ebook.

                                                                            Stop whining that Adobe & Apple aren't nice, just be grateful they haven't got you locked up.
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                                                                              Well said DC, the arrogance of Adobe is most unfortunate given the numerous complaints that users have with this DRM rubbish. Dont buy PDF ebooks with proprietary Adobe locks ..... way to go.
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                                                                                Yet, I completely disagree with Apple being 'the epicentre of user hostile DRM'. There's plenty of hostility around here, and it should point to where it is due, especially for non-existing Leopard support, to Adobe. There's nothing in it about Apple not being nice.
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                                                                                  I agree that this is not Apple's fault, this time...
                                                                                  But it is a remarkable coincidence that Steve Jobs has long argued for closed architectures, that Apple have the most widespread DRM and they trash iPhones that people dare to run their own s/w on.

                                                                                  I wonder if Apple users known acceptance of heavy handed DRM is why Adobe shows such contempt for that subset of it's customers ?

                                                                                  But roll the clock forward here folks. This is a problem due to new software but one day, not very long from now, it will be *old* software.

                                                                                  The job of DRM is to stop things happening, and so as we have seen here, when Adobe decide not to bother upgrading s/w in time you get shafted.

                                                                                  Adobe has to decide to *allow* your system to work, and maybe spend a few dollars to do this. Since this is currently necessary to protect future revenue, I'm sure the naive "ready soon" statements above will eventually turn out to be true.

                                                                                  But one day, soon, there will be no revenue coming from your combination of hardware and software. On that day Adobe will stop supporting your product, and your ebooks will go blank.

                                                                                  To be sure we will get more "ready soon" and "working on it" messages on Adobe boards, but let us not kid ourselves that anything will actually happen.
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                                                                                    I am running leopard and have an .etd file from another site, which is supposed to be opened with adobe digital editions software. When i try to download the software however, their is a perpetual system of links not allowing me to download it. I have the latest Adobe reader. Does anyone have any suggestions on what do to or how I should open this file?
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