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    Printing Problem

      Product name: Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Reader 8
      Operating System: Windows XP Professional
      Computer: Dell Optiplex SX280
      Printer: Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 6MP
      RAM: 504MB

      I purchased an e-book textbook and downloaded it to Adobe Digital Editions. I am allowed to print 100 pages per week. However, I can't even print one page! Instead, 1 blank page prints then a page with the following error message:

      ERROR: undefined


      [0 1 0 1 0 1 ]
      [2223 0 0 215 0 0 ]

      Is this a problem with the e-book or with Adobe?

      Dale Shutter
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          This problem occurs because DE 1.0 has a bug that PostScript Level 2 printers do not support the Flate algorithm. This will be fixed in the next releasse. In the meantime, most (if not all) printers that have PSL2 also support some other printer language (the HP mentioned above supports PCL6), so the workaround is to print to the printer using the PCL6 driver.
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            Printing restrictions
            I bought an e-book several weeks ago, and printing permission allow only 20 pages every 30 days! Is there a way to be able to print more often? Publisher did not mention this restriction when I bought it. Had I known...wouldn´t have bought the electronic version.
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              Is there anyway that I can print my bookmarks that I have added??

              I'm reading through articles and making notes as I go. It would be really helpful if I could print my notes or at least the bits that are highlighted.

              Any advise??
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                Jim Lester Level 4

                ADE does not currently support the printing of the bookmarks. Neither will the next version (which will be coming "real soon now"), have this in it. I will make sure this gets added to the "to be considered" list for subsequent versions.

                In the meantime, the notes that you create are stored in an "Annotations" folder underneath your "Digital Editions" folder. Each book has the annotations stored in an .annot file with the same root name as the book itself. For instance Test_Book.PDF would have it's notes stored in Test_Book.annot. The .annot file itself is an xml file so the comments are there in the raw text form if you want to get at them.

                However, if parsing through XML by hand is not your idea of fun, I created a quicky utility on my personal website at http://www.lesterfamily.org/ade/annots.html . This lets you upload a .annot file and will pull out the book title and all the notes you created in the book and spit it back out as a fairly simple list (suitable for printing).

                Jim Lester
                Adobe Systems
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                  I have the exact problem as the original post, with the same printer. How do I print with PLS6 as opposed to PLS2?
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                    When I tried to print the pages from a book within Adibe Digital Edition, it didn't give me any error messages. It just didn't print anything at all. The book I purchased allows printing. This is a big problem.

                    I'll not buy this type of ebook or use Digital Edition anymore if this is not fixed. Thanks for any info on how to get around this problem. Why can't the PDF file be opened in Adobe Reader instead?

                    -Thanh Lam.
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                      I also have problem with printing an ebook that I purchase with printing right. I tried to print some pages from within Adobe Digital Edition. It didn't print anything at all and didn't give any error messages either.

                      This is a big problem. I'd not buy the ebook or use Digital Edition if I knew about this printing problem. The book file is a PDF file but it can't be opened with Adobe Reader. Is this a problem? When I opened the PDF in Adobe Reader, it just opened up the Digital Edition Website.

                      This doesn't seem to be a stable or user friendly software at this point. Why do some book publisher choose to use this to sell ebooks?

                      -Thanh Lam.
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                        I also have a problem with this product. The previous version (about one month ago) worked and printing was fine. But I was forced to upgrade today (20may2008) and now the print-option is greyed out.

                        Is there are solution to this bug?


                        PS. It is a climbing-book with pictures and description of routes so printing it out is a basic requirement because nobody is going to carry a computer up a rock-face.
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                          I just bought my first ebook, .pdf

                          I had to install Adobe Digital Edition. The book is showing but the printer icon is grayed out and I cannot print the book. I really do not want to have to sit at my desk and read.

                          I have WinXP Pro

                          Any help will be appreciated:-)

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                            BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                            This could be specific to that book. Print permissions are controlled on a per-book basis by the publisher. So you might have a book that doesn't allow printing.

                            Of course, it could be something else too. The first thing to check is if you can print any of the books from the Adobe Digital Editions library at:


                            Bentley Wolfe
                            Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                              I purchased an ebook with 10 pages per day printing rights, was able to print 10, but and on the second day it told me I could only print 6 pages per day. Is there any way to restore the original 10 pages / day setting? Thanks
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                                I just downloaded the After Effects CS3 Professional Classroom in a book from Adobe Press and need to print portions of it for my projects, unfortunately my print option is greyed out in the Adobe Digitals Edition program. I have read posts that state I should be able to print at least portions of the book. Is this the case or am I 'screwed' for lack of a better term? I needed the book fast and downloading the book was the best option, I'm starting to rethink that now. The idea of having to buy the book now and carry it around instead of smaller portions really blows and I am not a fan of Adobe right and would not recommend ebooks to anyone. Thanks for nothing Adobe, you just cost me more money and a lot of inconvenience.

                                • 13. Printing Problem

                                  Trying to print a book that I just purchased. I thought it'd come in PDF, instead it opened through Adobe Digital Editions. All attempts to print end up in


                                  "ERROR: undefined
                                  OFFENDING COMMAND: get


                                  Please, help. I really do need to get this book printed in paper format.

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                                    Oh yeah... this is GREAT, I was seriously duped thinking I was buying a PDF.... instead I've purchased this stupid digital editions (whoever thought this up should be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!)  a book that doesn't allow printing??? Well thankfully it was a cheap book and my lesson about never using this RIDICULOUS adobe digital editions product ever again has been learned. Thanks but no thanks *******' Adobe... I will never be buying this stupid "Innovation" of yours EVER AGAIN!


                                    And hey Adobe... this hurts you more than you think, because you've done this to me and all your other victims with this one product, I and everyone else will now feel negatively towards all of your other products for the rest of my/our lives... and that's a lot of lost revenue for you idiots. Enjoy bankruptcy, hopefully sooner than later.