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    Why can't I read my book in Reader like I bought it?????

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      It's been awhile since I used one of my eBooks but every time I double-click it brings me to a web-site to install DE. Even after installing it still takes me to DE. Even when I'm in DE the experience is less than pleasurable. Why can't I read it how I want to? I hate DRM!!!!! Way to kill enthusiasm for eBooks Adobe! Guess I'll have to repurchase a paper version.

      Who programmed this piece of crap anyway? Why can't I simply hold my down arrow to scroll the document like every other application in existence? Why does clicking above or below the thumb in the scrollbar not page up or page down like every other application in existence????? Why do I have to bring up some weird little window to zoom to anything other than a predefined width??? I am completely infuriated that I cannot read my book in the format I purchased it!

      Having it in Reader was so cool. I could double-click on the file and pick up reading where I left off. It almost felt like a book. Now it feels like locked digital content that I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get to and that may or may not be there for me when I need it. Way to go idiots!
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          At the very moment this person was writing this comment, I was on the telephone with the Adobe folks thinking that the problem was my upgrade to Adobe Professional 8 from Adobe Professional 7. (I also own Adobe Standard 6.)

          After spending almost two hours on the telephone, being cut off and transfered to at least seven customer service persons, blah, blah, blah the last person informed me that the reason no one at Adobe could help me was because I never stated what the problem was, i.e., that I wanted to read an ebook that I owned and that I previously could read with Adobe software!!!!!

          When I told this idiot that he was insane as those were the very first words out of my mouth with each new person, he informed me that it was Amazon's fault.

          I have two other applications that can read PDFs as long as they are not electronic editions purchase in the Adobe format, so:


          I don't know what I resent more: having to repurchase books I already own or the fact that the two hours I spent with the Adobe folks is two hours I will never have again. Jeez, why don't they just say, "hey we changed the rules and now your ebooks are no good"?
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            I agree with these comments. I loved Adobe Acrobat Reader. I could bring it up in full-screen mode, which provided a much easier to read format for my poor eyesight I could zoom to my prefereed text size, and all of this would be preserved. I bought a DE book not long ago, and now I can't even read the damn thing, without going through some hoops, like using WIndows Magnify in inverted mode.

            I will never buy another one ofthese "digital editions". I haven't tried Microsoft Reader yet, but I may have to go that way. I have no proglems with protecting intellectual content, but that doesn't mean that the program has to removethe features that made this intellectual content easier to read!

            Sincerely upset,

            Gary Z
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              For various reasons, Adobe decided to move the ebook functionality out of Reader. This has caused some problems, we know. IN the long run, it will be a good move, but there are some bumps. If you wish to revert to Reader 7 you can always do so here:


              (If you are on Vista fib and tell it you have Windows XP)

              As for taking you to the website, this is because you double-clicked on the PDF, which is understandable. But with DE 1.0 and Reader 8, you need to launch DE, then launch from the library page. DE will remember where you were in each of the books you bought.

              As for navigation, we are trying to strike a balance between the plethora of methods in Reader (which you and I like, but many find confusing) and the simplicity in DE. It is a work in progress. The scrollbar problems are known bugs which will be fixed in the next release.
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                Well, my problem is I have a Mac OS Leopard machine and now can't access my books. Here is another person who certainly wont buy another Adobe e-book again. It's a waste of time and money. I fully share the frustration of other posters on this thread.
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                  I also just purchased an ebook online and what a stupid mistake i made, i will never buy another ebook again and Adobe's software, particularly this dumb Digital Editions Rubbish.

                  What good is it for portability when you cannot even transfer that ebook you purchased to another computer of yours especially your laptop?. I happened to have 6 pcs and one laptop in my home.

                  Please for sanity's sake fix this problem once and for all. We are NOT proud of your software anymore.

                  Extremely Disappointed User
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                    Will somebody please tell me about Adept. I'm getting no answers from contacting them. I see that someone at least answered a question today on this thread.
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                      Oh God....I came here hoping to find an answer on how to read these stupid DE ebooks in plain ol' Adobe Reader but am seeing now that no, that won't be the case. I do not like DE. I even downloaded back down to Adobe 7 hoping it would help but noooooooo...It told me to activate my Adobe but when I did I still got an error telling me to go back to the "retailer" I bought from to get permission. Great! Who is going to go to that trouble. I will just make sure I don't buy these ebooks anymore.
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                        I'm having exactly the same problem, bought a book last year was able to download it and print it and everything thought it was great, just bought another one recently which won't even let me download it to my hard drive, I have to be on line to read it. Here in Ireland broad band coverage is dreadful so I can't get the internet at home which is where I want to be able to read my book as I'm doing a part time course that the book is for. Had I known the facilities of the format had changed I would have bought a paper copy!!!Why are you not told this when purchasing the ebook??!!!! I definately won't be doing it again!
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                          Even better if you're trying to study at uni using Apple .
                          Two issues here-
                          Adobe has to work closely with Apple's so-called 'creative' customers to make money, so why - why the hell - can't I read an eBook on an Apple Mac? Was their software update, Leopard, some kind of huge surprise? No - it was a year late. Shame on the whole snivelling lot of you.
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                            Let me get this straight, at a time when people litigate over coffee being too hot, Adobe removes functionality for the handicapped (text to speech) from its DRM-enabled piece of rubbish Digital Editions?

                            I guess Adobe programmers and lawyers missed the whole handicapped accessible thing.

                            Pretty sad programming guys! Scrap Digital Editions and find someone with a clue about programming to code an accessible program.
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                              I can't activate either adobe reader on my computer or adobe reader on my palm, which means that I can't read the ebook on my palm. Rubbish. I just get re-routed to that stupid flash page for digital edition. Adobe reader also opens up, but that's not much use if it doesn't do anything.

                              I then decided that it would be a good idea to print some pages so I could read them on the train on the way home. However, the only way to print in DE is to set the print preferences to 2 pages per sheet. What happened to the adobe reader preference "print multiple pages per sheet", which meant that you didn't get an automatic reduction in page size and you didn't get those annoying borders.

                              WORST SOFTWARE EVER. Adobe, you should be ashamed.
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                                Well like most of you I have had a very frustrating experience with this whole DE thing. I purchased some ebooks which had to be read in DE. Then downloaded DE only to find that NOTHING in my library (old or new) could be opened. After several days of trying to download and authorize this program I finally called the company. I got the requisite tour of India only to finally be told that I had to call another number. This one was in the US and I only got transferred a couple of times. Result? After about an hour on the phone, I was told to go to the website and check out the help center and the forum. Fabulous. What I have learned is 1. I am not an idiot (thank you). 2. Lots of other people are having the same or similar problems. 3. This program SUCKS and I won"t bother with it ever again. SO, Adobe executives PAY ATTENTION: you screwed up. I will make sure that no ebook I buy again requires this kind of program.
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                                  With Adobe Acrobat 8.0, Adobe Reader 8.0 and the Digital Editions software, Adobe has really crippled the PDF reader. I supposed, eventually Adobe will address this issue, but here's what you can do now to get the functionality back:

                                  If you installed or upgraded to Adobe Acrobat 8.0 or Adobe Reader 8.0, uninstall the software and go back to Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or Adobe Reader 7.0. You can still download this version of Adobe Reader from Adobe's website.

                                  Uninstall the Digital Editions software completely from your computer.

                                  Go into Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or Adobe Reader 7.0 and disable the feature that automatically updates the software (to prevent your software from being upgraded to 8.0 without your knowledge):

                                  Edit > Preferences > Updates > select the option "Do not automatically check for critical updates"

                                  Change the file association for PDF files back to Adobe Reader 7.0 (or Adobe Acrobat 7.0): open up File Explorer > select Tools > Folder Options > File Types > find and highlight the PDF file type > select the "Change" button and select Adobe Reader 7.0 or Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

                                  This won't fix the books you've already opened in the Digital Editions software, but now when you download DRM protected PDF files, you can use them as you are accustomed to.

                                  Prof Julie -- Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices
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                                    I am facing the same problems as everyone here. I transferred my eBooks to my external hard drive when I reformatted my computer. Recently, I downloaded and installed ADE (to my absolute horror and regret now!). I have also bought some new eBooks which were published in the acsm. file format which require ADE. Now, I can't access the eBooks in my external. EVERYTIME i click on it to open, I would be redirected to Adobe.com webpage. My only recourse is to buy paper-copies of those books and some are already out-of-print. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO????? The older eBooks used to open just fine with Reader. Reading the posts here, I am not holding my breath as to a solution by Adobe. But if anyone has any sort of temporary solutions, please let me know. Hopefully, it won't compromise the new eBooks that I bought (which, apparently now, can only be read by DE) and may allow me access to the older ones.If I uninstall DE, I won't be able to read the newer eBooks and if I don't, I can't install Adobe Acrobat/Reader 7 because I have a "more functional" option. So, yea.....the trade-off SUCKS!!
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                                      I can't read my old e-books!! I purchased them last year and they were fine with adobe reader. The latest e-books require me to install the DE, which I did. Now I can't read the old e-books anymore! First it launched Adobe Reader and said "This document requires digital rights management (DRM) features supported by Adobe Digital Editions. Would you like to open it in Digital Editions now?" After I clicked ok, it launched DE 1.7 and then nothing happened. If I tried to add these e-books to my library in DE it went "Authorizing content" and then "Error". Next: "This document cannot be opened on this machine. Please contact the site where you obtained the document to download another copy." I cannot remember where I downloaded all my e-books since I purchased them from different sites. So now I am unable to reread them. This sucks. Paper books are much simpler! I hate Adobe DE!

                                      Please make a new software like a new straight forward Adobe Reader with no frills!