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    New build of DE posted, 22 June

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      We have posted a new build of Digital Editions, This resolves the crash that was seen by some Windows users (primarily older P3 CPUs). To get the fixed build, please go to your Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs and remove Digital Editions. Then go to


      The button should now say Install Digital Editions. Go ahead and do that, agreeing to the prompts as they come. It should install and launch DE without problems. Please let us know that if this does not work for anyone who was seeing the crash previously.

      Ric Wright
      Adobe Systems
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          Adobe DE is NOT installing and I am locked out of my ebooks.Some of these are textbooks and very important for me to access!

          I even uninstalled the beta version, but the download link on your website simply refuses to open. I have recently upgraded to Vista from XP-pro. The beta was working fine after the upgrade. I have rebooted multiple times as well - doesn't work

          My System:

          Dell XPS M1210 Notebook
          Vista business
          Centrino Duo T7200 2.0GHz; 2GB RAM; nVIDIA GeForce Go GPU; 100GB HDD

          I have Adobe Acrobat professional 8.1

          Other people on this forum are facing the same problem. Any solutions?
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            I am still unable to download D E from that new site it doesn't respond it just sits there and moves down towards the picture on the page of Digital Editions where it says launch D E but when you click on that it brings up the normal black page, but with a notice saying that there is an updated version and you must download the update I have done the over and over again and GETTING NOWHERE,, Please help
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              I would suggest explicitly deleting the existing Digital Editions, both by using the Control Panel (Add/Remove Program) and removing the executable from Documents and Settings/username/ApplicationData/Macromedia/www.macromedia.com/bin/digitaleditions2x0.

              Then go back to the site and try again. If that doesn't work, please submit a support incident at www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/. Thanks.