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    Absolutely fed up

      I have never been so annoyed in my life. I purchased a ******* "eBook" only to find out the images won't load. WOW what a surprise, so I downgrade to adobe 7, but that doesn't do any good because I need to download another F'ING copy of the eBook in order for it to work. Any other methods or workarounds other then waiting a year requesting another DL from the publisher?
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          No, you will need to get a new download to use it with Reader. DE will support JPEG2000 as soon as we can get it in.
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            Well Ric - unfortunately for MANY customers, once you purchase a book in one format you CAN'T convert to another without repurchasing.

            DE should have a d@mn warning label on it!
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              You don't need to convert it. Most vendors will allow you to re-download an already purchased ebook. Simply uninstall DE completely, delete the ebook, install Reader 7 and re-download.
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                Ric - as an example - an ebook seller's policy is that you choose the format in which you make your purchase:

                Mobi Reader
                Microsoft Reader

                If a customer has (in the past) purchased (and is familiar with .pdf files) using Adobe Reader and that customer sees the bookseller reference .pdf when DE is mentioned, that customer (namely me in this instance) automatically assumes that the .pdf version is the one that is easier to deal with and will allow that customer to "read" that book on almost any device that they own (i. e. - work laptop, home computer, blackberry phone, PDA), that customer excitedly buys that book by selecting DE (dumb customer not realizing DE is NOT the same as Reader 7).

                Ta Da - customer discovers - oops I can't open this file on my PDA. Oops, I can't open this file on my blackberry. What can I do?

                Bookseller won't reload your purchase in a new format (Mobi Reader)so you can read your book on your blackberry at the doctor's office, at the airport, in your hotel room while you are traveling.

                You can always download (again)the book from that bookseller , but it stays in that original format. Adobe Reader 7 is NOT an option with this bookseller.

                I bought a series of books in April 2007 using DE. Big mistake on my part. I have not started reading my books because I couldn't get them on my blackberry.

                Fortunately, I have resolved my problem. Everyone is not so lucky.

                Anyway - my ultimate point in my messages is that Adobe has been a huge let down as it relates to DE, that's all.

                Good Luck with making improvements. I am now officially a Mobi Reader customer.
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                  I also just purchased an ebook online and what a stupid mistake i made, i will never buy another ebook again and Adobe's software, particularly this dumb Digital Editions Rubbish.

                  What good is it for portability when you cannot even transfer that ebook you purchased to another computer of yours especially your laptop?. I happened to have 6 pcs and one laptop in my home.

                  Please for sanity's sake fix this problem once and for all. We are NOT proud of your software anymore.

                  Extremely Disappointed User
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                    Can you highlight and have a full screen mode with DE?