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    How to rescue computer-locked ebooks

      Like many others I have been frustrated by an ebook that is locked to another PC in the office. A very simple solution is to simply print the ebook as a PDF document. The resulting PDF doc is not perfect, having lost the original links etc., but at least I can use it on the other PC. I am not encouraging piracy but this will make do until version 1.5 is released ;-)
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          Alright ! Was facing the trouble, thanks for the solution.
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            Please note that with the new beta version you are able to unlock any book, provided that you still have the original device on which you installed it. I have successfully rescued the book mentioned in my post, just in time before I formatted the disk it was installed on!
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              The new beta is no longer beta.. it was released on 5/13/08 :)

              I should also note (becuase it seems that many are ignoring this fact) that type of portability and backup-ability requires named activation with an AdobeID (in Digital Editions 1.5).

              If you choose not to use named activation, but rather to use 'anonymous activation' then you will not be able to backup and legitimately move your ebooks.


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                ADe and borrowed ebooks
                clicking on element info is supposed to bring a menu item to allow you to return the book before the 7 days limit.
                In fact I can't see any such menu item.
                Am I completely blind or is there an explanation for this lack of menu item...