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    ebx.etd file disappears

      I tried doing the workaround and installing adobe 7 to read an ebook. I got another download from the publisher and it didn't work again. It was a couldn't find file error which is BS. Help would be appreciated.

      NOTE: the ebx.etd file disappeared from the desktop now I can't find it. Looks like it was deleted automatically, strange.
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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Sorry you're having problems. The .etd file disappearing is normal behavior for Reader 7. The ETD files are not the book, but instead are just used to jump start the process to get the actual book. For most sites after you have used the ETD file to go get the real PDF, the ETD file is no longer valid and will give you a not found or already fulfilled error if you use it again.

          I'm guessing one of three things happened:

          • You used the ETD file left over from fulfilling the book in Digital Editions. This wont work.

          • You didn't have Digital Editions uninstalled and it took the ETD file and fulfilled it instead of Acrobat, causing Digital Editions to have the book and not Reader.

          • The ETD file fulfilled correctly in Reader and you just cant find the resulting PDF. (Select File->Digital Editions->My Digital Editions to see a list of files)

          My best guess from what you said is that it is some combination of the last two, but I couldn't say for sure with the information given. Check to make sure that Reader doesn't already have it, and make sure that Digital Editions is uninstalled, and then talk to the book seller's tech support again to get this resolved.

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems

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            Level 1
            Hi, I solved the problem by requesting another download first. Then I removed digital editions. Next In adobe I removed the book entry from "digital editions" and ran the ebx.etd. Seemed to work.