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    product liability

      Like so many people, I downloaded Digital Editions and immediately lost access to half my ebooks. The program tells me I don't own them, I go to Adobe's "authorize computer" site, it's usually down, it won't let me register, "authorization" doesn't solve the problem, etc., etc.

      Bottom line: about $200 or $300 in ebooks down the drain.

      Here's my question. If mistakes or poor programming by Adobe effectively costs me several hundred dollars, can the company not be held liable? The number of us ripped off by Digital Editions clearly demonstrates that the problem is with the program, not with us.

      If we can demonstrate tangible losses (the value of the ebooks) directly caused by a faulty product, it seems to me as through product liability laws ought to apply, and Adobe ought to reimburse us for our losses and for the value of the time and effort it takes us to recoup them.

      Any thoughts anybody?