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    query of query for two dates

      I am trying to query the database for a given date and the next nearest older date within 28 days. This is what I have tried but it isn't assigning anything to DD1 and DD2. i have tried a number od other things but i am stumped.

      <cfquery name="getdatedata" datasource="dairy">
      SELECT MAX(std.DataDate) as DD1,
      MIN(std.DataDate) as DD2,
      DateDiff(d, MIN(std.DataDate), MAX(std.DataDate)) AS DDiff
      (select top 2 datadate
      FROM dairy.dbo.paddockdata
      WHERE FarmId='#form.farmid#'
      AND datadate between #datevalue#
      and dateAdd("d", -28, #datevalue#)
      ORDER by datadate DESC) AS std