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    Create a Digital Library

      I am establishing a new class (fall 08) for computer graphics using the Classroom in a Book series for CS3. To date I have downloaded one each of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, with plans to purchase and download more of each, once this works. When the first book was ordered, Digital Editions installed with no means for me to direct the install location. I need to create a library on one of our servers, so the student logins will map to this server and the students can check out and return the book within the scope of the class period. I have been all over your support website and see no mention of how to establish a public library" for a school setting. I called Pearson (the folks the books were downloaded from) and they had no answers. How can I establish a library my students have access to so they may utilize the texts?

      George Williams EDD
      Renaissance High School
      Santa Paula Union High School District
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          It is possible to create such an infrastructure, but it is, at present very difficult. Basically, you need to upload the books you purchase to ahost (such as www.overdrive.com) who will effectively manage the back end for you. While doable, this would probably cost more than you wish to pay and be rather unwieldy. I understand the workflow you are interested in, but it is not at present supported.

          With Digital Editions 1.5, we are introducing an enhanced DRM which has the flexibility to support such scenarios. But at present we have not exposed this level of support.