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    Ideas For Digital Editions

      First of all, i wanna thank you for a great software i was searching for a long time. It is that, what i wanted to have. Simple, fast, nice colors so it is nice reading as a reason of a good contrast.

      However i have for you some ideas, you may want or not, apply in further development.

      {1} Highlight only option

      While i read a book, it is just normal, that some parts of a text in it is crap and other parts are just delicious point of view and a great explanasion of things. So it would be great if i could highlight those parts for a further work. This idea includes also an ability to choose Different Colors of a highlightening without compulsion to create a bookmark like it is right now.

      (2) Notes

      Ya, this is what i would like to see also. An ability to comment some things, to save some ideas and conclusions i had while reading stuff in a place where it is. In ebook reader that adobe had some time ago was that option and it would be great to see it in digital editions.

      (3) Categorized bookmarks and notes

      As we all know in one book, many ideas are consisted. An ability to categorize a notes and bookmarks in a category of an idea it is related to, would be another great feature. Try to imagine, how in a current version, would look a simple try of bookmarking 30 places in a book, for each of 30 ideas that book may have to offer. It would give us about 900 bookmarks. It's obvious that finding something in that long list would be tremendously hard task to do.

      I am asking you also guys, to let us, users, use right mouse button, for bookmarking and other handy tasks.

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          It would be very nice to be able to create a hierarchy of bookmarks, similar to the way you can create hierarchies of keywords in Adobe Lightroom. An index of my own making with my own notes, so to speak. Even better would be the ability to create a topic heading (which itself isn't tied to any text in the e-book), and then create subtopics (which themselves aren't tied to text), and under any of these topics and subtopics to put bookmarks with annotations. Also, the ability to rearrange topics and bookmarks in the hierarchy. Actually, what I have in mind is more like an outline than an index.

          This feature alone would be enough for me to be willing to pay something for the program.

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            We do currently support highlighting and bookmarks:


            But apparently it isn't as "discoverable" as it should be. Hierarchical and differently colored highlights are also ideas we have kicked around. We will give them more thought.