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    Digital editions for IPOD Touch

      Does anyone know of any way to get adobe digital editions to work or transfer to an IPOD Touch
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          Nope, outside of a lot of hacks there is no current Apple supported way of getting any 3rd party Applications to work on the iPhone or iPod touch. Lots of developers are eagerly anticipating the iPhone SDK so we can see what we have to work with. However I would not expect anything very soon after the iPhone SDK (if at all), as designing for the small form factor and dealing with Multitouch are non trivial changes.

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems
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            YES !!


            This morning I just discovered the Bluefire reader app. It works well.  I would say you need to read the directions first, and have to go through Adobe id but it works great on my iPod 2nd Gen with OS 4.2. and iMac with OS 10.5 

            here's the link to the website, which will also link you to the App store.

            Bluefire Reader


            Be sure to read the directions. You will also need to know where  Adobe Digital Editions places the epub ebook file ( Digital Editions folder in the Documents folder)


            Hope this solves it.


            PS: I contacted iFlow Reader, another great reader app, and they also have solved the problem and have a revision waiting for apple to approve the update.  This one was recommended by Adobe, but it's not quite ready.  Both of these apps are free!


            Free Books for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - iFlow Reader