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    Bookmarks & Annotations not saving?

      Regrettably I purchased an ebook from an eseller who didnt give me an option to take any format other using DE.

      The book is required for some consultative work Im doing. Reading through the book, I marked passages with bookmarks & annotations. Of course I came to the end of session and closed DE

      To my horror when I opened DE again. Not one bookmark or annotation was there. 6 hours of work gone!

      I read through the minimal help, and there is nothing really about this. Several tests of book marking on my laptop. Workplace workstations and other PCs result in the same disgusting dilemma.

      Is this a typical thing of DE? I have checked the EBOOK permission and there is no reference to saying you cannot bookmark. It does allowing printing (limited).

      So whats happening? Can anyone assist?