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    Book won't open!

      I ordered an ebook and the file has a .etd suffix. I have downloaded the Adobe Digital Edition but when I try to add this file to the library the program doesn't recognize it. If I double-click the file I get a window in my browser that tells me to download the digital edition. I already have it open!

      How in the world does this program work?
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          i bought an ebook 2years ago and i would like to open it but i get the following error message.
          Adobe DRM Error
          System: 8
          State: 4
          Class: 65603
          Code: 147
          VE error 147
          --- end ---

          Can someone pls help me.
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            These are two different issues. First, Brian, the ETD file is the download "ticket". If you click on it, then this should cause the server side to start the download process. But you say DE is already open. I assume that in your library view the book is not already there? Because one possibility is that your book already got downloaded. BUt assuming that is not the case, what OS and version are you on? What browser?
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              Jerry Greenly

              I have the same problem as Louis. My two year old pdf ebooks, Adobe Acrobat 6 for dummies and The Raven give me the same message:
              "Adobe DRM Error
              System: 8
              State: 4
              Class: 65603
              Code: 147

              VE error 174
              --- end ---"
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                I think that ebook file corrupt! Or uninstall back your Adobe Acrobat and download the new one and install.

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                  This is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  I cant explain the frustration. One must wait weeks for a solution and still no joy!!!!!! Shocking service!!!!

                  There is no way the book can be corrupt.

                  PLS ADOBE CAN YOU HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                    I first bought 2 ebooks in Jan 2007. Since then I have never been able to open them without a problem. I downloaded them with Adobe 7, then couldn't open them some months later. Then I re-downloaded them with Adobe Digital Editions as prompted by ebooks. Not only couldn't I open both books (each time I clicked on a different book the previous one opened!) but I couldn't open other PDFs. This is a massive problem as I have a huge folder of electronic papers for my research. So I uninstalled Adobe DE and reinstalled Adobe 7 but still couldn't open my ebooks. I contacted the help desk at ebooks and they responded promptly. Apparently the new version of Digital Edition has a different way of handling the drm protection so books downloaded with 8 won't open with 7.

                    Ebooks reset the licenses so I could download fresh copies of my ebooks but when I try to do this I am prompted to install DE which I don't want to do. However they have you over a barrel. If I don't I can't access my books. Is this legal????
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                      I also have question about the legality (and morality, if that still counts with Adobe) of what they are doing. I purchased an e-book, and was happily using it. It's crucial for my work. Now, when I try to open it, most times, my broweser gets opened, and I have to download something else (which doesn't always download, so I'm stuck). They just don't get it. I bought and paid for this thing. And now I want to read it. I don't want anything else. Just give me what I paid for. (As for being connected to the Internet just because I want to read a book on my own PC - that's just plain stupid!). But don't hold your breath for an answer. This complaint is not addressed. It is certainly, though, the last e-book I will ever buy.

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                        Hi guys,
                        I had a same problem and anger. I looked in the properties of EBX file and found that is blocked by WinXP without any warning. After clicking on Unblock button it starts work. I hope it will help! Vladimir
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                          Hi, Thanks for this. I tried it but it didn't work. Until today when I opened Adobe Reader and I got a dialogue box "Checking for updates" then a dialogue box opens titled Missing Component Found "Adobe Reader has found component "Digital Editions and Accessibility Package" and its size is 2.5 MB. Do you want to proceed with the download of this component?" There are 2 options OK and Cancel. I chose option to Cancel and nothing happened, the Adobe window stayed open but I couldn't open the file ebx.etd.

                          Now I get a dialogue box saying no updates available and I still can't download the book! It seems to think I have DE installed somewhere on my hard drive but I can't locate it. Any ideas! I hadn't expected to have to learn how to be a computer technologist to read a book.
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                            Jill, can you please open a Tech Support webcase?

                            When you get a case open please post the case # here..


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