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    Digital Editions Mailing List Replaced by Dedicated DE Support Center

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      After 9 months, the digitaleditions mailing list has been closed. It has been very educational for me to run the mailinglist, but giving full attention to every problem has been more that I can manage all the time. I have therefore successfully convinced senior Adobe management that Digital Editions warranted the investment of a fully staffed 3-tier support center. This unusual for Adobe, which does not normally provide such support for "free" products. However, I was able to convince them that Adobe does derive income on the server side and, more importantly, the users have often spent hard-earned money on their ebooks and while Adobe may not receive any of that money, we still owed it to the users to make it work as well as possible.

      We have therefore rolled out a full three-tiered support center. When you go to the new Digital Editions support center at


      you can access the Digital Editions Support Center for Help documentation,
      Frequently Asked Questions and TechNotes for common issues, as well as
      submit a web support case.

      If you do submit a web-support cast, what happens is that it is passed to the first tier of support, which are SE engineers who have access to our complete knowledge base gleaned over the years. If they cannot resolve it, it is passed to the second level which are more experienced SE engineers. If they cannot resolve it then it is passed to the third tier, which for all intents and purposes will pass it to the actual DE team's engineers (myself and others) who will help resolve the case.

      Note that any existing, open issues I was dealing with on the digitaleditions mailing list as of last Thursday will be resolved by me. Any issues submitted on Friday or later should be re-directed to the support center.

      I wnat to thank everyone, users and engineers, for their help and patience in making the mailing list so useful for so long. I am sure that the suppprt center will do an even better job than one part-time engineering manager.

      Finally, since I no longer will be spending time supporting the mailing list, I will spend some of my freed-up time out on the forums (1.0 and 1.5). So, see you out on the forum!

      Ric Wright
      Digital Editions Team