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    Creating an online class in Breeze

      I am in the process of creating an online class with multiple tutorials in Breeze. Is there a way to have a user view a slide for a certain amount of time and then after that time has expired the user has control of the slide and can stay on the orginal slide or advance to a new slide. I thought this could be done with audio but it is not working.
      Thanks for any assistance.
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          To set the view time on a slide for a certain amount of time, you did the right thing by using the audio timeline.

          The next thing you need to do is to go into slide properties and select advance by user. That tells breeze to wait until the user advances the slide manually.

          Then you have a couple of options:

          1.) Have the user advance the slide using the breeze control bar on the bottoml

          2.) Create a button in powerpoint that advances to the next slide.

          To do this, create a text box and add a hyperlink.

          On the add hyperlink menu, ther is an option on the left to "place in this document."

          Click on that tab and you will have several options. Make sure you DO NOT use the "next slide" option, but select the specific slide you want to link to instead. The "next slide" option does not work in breeze.

          I usually use the 2nd option, creating a button, because it saves me from having to teach people how to use the Breeze UI in addition to using the UI on the slides themselves.

          Hope this helps,

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            tierknee Level 1
            Thank you! I believe that solves my problem.