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    FLASH Symbol's Bounding Irregular Polygons

      I'm working on a Flash CS3 map containing a lot of irregular polygons. Each polygon is a "button." That all works just fine.

      I believe I'm hitting a wall though where the bounding rectangle defining each symbol overlaps. Depending on the layer order in the original SWF, sometimes hovering over one polygon selects another.

      I can solve some of the issues by re-ordering the layers, but this won't fix all of them by any means.

      Is there a setting in Flash CS that specifies Flash is to use the actual shape of a polygon rather than a least-fit rectangle?

      If it's not obvious, I'm new to CS. One of my difficulties is determining what Flash calls this least-fit bounding rectangle -- important to have a proper keyword for any search engine.

      Any advice would be appreciated!

      TIA --