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    All things considered, digital editions is considerably worse than acrobat

      Okay... the reason I get eBooks is they are easier to read on the computer than by hand. No, I'm not buying small paperbacks on eBook... I'm buying large textbooks and research sources.

      Take this example... a 1024 page book full of research and statistics. I have full print and copy permissions, but I still can't do any of the following:

      1 - Print just a range of pages (instead, printing always starts at page 1)

      2 - Get find results like I can in reader (as a list of all results on a sidebar that I can then click through.)

      3 - Split off a chapter for easy printing or searching of just that chapter.

      4 - Back to printing, all printed pages have margin marks on them. Not clean at all.

      5 - Use it as a reference material when working in the school lab... the file is on a portable hard drive but can't be opened on other computers at all.

      So, all in all, I have a $90 dollar book that is practically useless. I can't even use it as a reference at school because of the DRM restrictions.

      So how is this supposed to be an improved version of Acrobat?
      Any suggestions for making this not a complete waste of money?