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    Backing Up for DE Beta 1.5 user

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      I've read & reread the DRM explanation provided for Beta
      ( http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c061acd/1 )

      But what I need to clearly understand (or have confirmed) is that in the normal course of maintenance backups what EXACTLY should I backup to MAKE SURE that if my OS has to be reinstalled, I don't accidentally lose crucial something or other relating to my e-bk library. FYI: I lost 2/3 of library; only bookstore that allowed me to re-download 2 yrs (!!) after purchase was Powell's. All in all, I was in tears.

      Sooo, do I copy now only what appears in My Digital Editions??
      tnx so much for all patience provided!

      PS ...and I dream of the day Adobe finally comes up with THEIR own ebk reader gizmo!!!

      PPS Beta works fabulously on my XP; doesn't work on my Vista.