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    Problems with digital editions on XP and Win2k

      On my XP machine, digital editions (DE) won't install at all. I get memory errors just as it tries to open DE after installation. I've tried a number of things, including uninstalling reader 8.1.2 and going to 7.0.9

      On my win2k machine, I finally got reader to run by faking the microsoft sheep-pen of "my documents". But I never see a "manifest.xml" even after creating a new bookshelf or downloading something like a sherlock holmes book. It sometimes crashes with a memory error, especially when closing after doing an operation.

      I have one purchased book I want to load, but I get DRM errors

      Adobe DRM Error
      System: 7
      State: 4
      Class: 15
      Code: 31
      Message: Error on request or response from server.
      Please check your network connection and try again.
      Scroll below or view error.log for more details.
      Your Adobe software could not be activated.
      HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.
      Adobe DRM Activator error (client code 31; HTTP code 556).
      Fault location: 15
      --- end ---

      I'm on hughes.net satellite internet, so a proxy is usually necessary, but I've tried changing the winHTTP setting to direct HTTP with no success. No error.log is ever created. An unreadable book is put in DE and on re-opening DE, I get an error that it couldn't import the book. It says to read the import.log , but none is created.

      Combined with many adobe pages talking about DE 1 or DE 1.5 beta as if they were the latest, I'd say that DE must be one of the buggiest programs I've ever seen. Don't get me started about how much the consumer loses through DRM policies.


      Daniel R. Rhodes
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          Why don't you try to visit the Windows XP Solution Center. Your question might be answered there. I just visit the site before I post this message. They can really help. I haven't try to visit the site of the Win2k yet. There are steps to upgrade the XP.

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