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      I have a question about the features of the digital editions. Can I use this application to uderline the text of the documents and save those changes in my private copy?
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          Congratulations with a slick looking viewer/organiser!

          I also have a few feature requests:

          * I want to be able to see a "hybrid" view of the library and reader sections: I want to see the library left pane and/or library list view and under that a preview/reader pane of the currently selected eBook in the library list

          * I don't like the "borrowed" or "purchased" libraries and want to delete these, but this doesn't seem to be possible. So next request is a more flexible system for organising(adding/deleting/hiding/moving up and down in list) libraries.

          So in short: more flexibility of viewing and organising

          Thanks and Greetings,