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    Help! Have lost half my ebook library since forced upgrade

      I'm posting this here because support hasn't responded to my query despite the claim of only taking 12 hours. It has now been over 48.

      I managed to download the file after following the instructions of another poster on the forums. However digital editions used the email address of my new adobe account which had been created to submit the support request rather than the .net passport account that I had originally set up adobe drm with. This has a different email address for acivation. Consquentially I can no longer see half my ebooks. Do you have a way to import these books into my new activation? I'm a bit confused as to why some moved and others didn't. I cannot download all of these books again because some of the ebook stores have ceased trading. I had 80 ebooks on my computer and only 40 of them transfered.

      I have to say Microsoft Reader is starting to look very attractive at the moment. Seems to have far less bloat and the Reader hasn't changed since 2003.