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    Where is the thumb?

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      From the white arrows at the upper right and lower right of the screen it appears that there might be a scroll bar on the right but there is no thumb. Is there supposed to be a thumb and if so how do I make it visible?
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          If you're reading a book and you see the arrows then yes, there should be a gray thumb with I think three horizontal white bars in there somewhere.

          Now, if you're in 'fit single page' and you can see the whole book you'll see the arrows, but the thumb then is a small gray bar underneath the 'up' arrow. It's a bit hard to see. The cursor should turn to a hand when you're over the thumb.
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            I am reading a lengthy book. When I put the mouse cursor over the right edge of the window it turns to a hand and stays a hand as I move the cursor up and down. If there is a thumb there I cannot see it. Is there a high contrast mode that I can switch too? That might help since I suspect, based on your reply, that the thumb is a slightly lighter shade of black or dark gray.
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              BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
              Well, if you see a hand then you're on the thumb. There is no contrast or other visual control inside the app in it's current form.


              Bentley Wolfe
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                I am a big fan of PDF and Adobe products generally but you need to tell whoever designed the UI for Digital Editions that not all users have eyesight that will pass a military flight physical. There are a lot people who have trouble distinguishing subtle shades of the same color.