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    Downloading with Digital Editions takes hours

      Literally - I've been trying to download a short (140 pages) ebook, and the download has been running on Digital Editions for two hours now. I thought this application was supposed to be quick? I had no problems downloading when I was using Adobe 7.0 - all of my problems started when I "upgraded" to DE. It's so annoying that I tried uninstalling DE, and downloading with 7.0 again, but now that takes hours as well.

      Anyone else having this problem?
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          Downloading with DE should be no different than any other client. We use the set of parameters and system services defined on your system. The fact that it now also happens with Reader 7 suggests something systemic. Have you tried downloading other things with your system (e.g. download a large sample app or other media)? Are you sure the 140 page book is small? (I assume so, just checking).