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    Text display problem

      Computer: Dell Latitude 620 1.83GHz, .99GB of RAM
      OS: WIndows XP SP2

      When I download a chapter of an ebook the text for the chapter will be diplayed messed up. Example:

      Growth i n i tialappl i catio s di sc ussed i n Chapter3 has accel eratedth e pace an d chan ged the di rect io of in n ovation sin ce

      Some of the letters will even overlap.

      I have installed this software on three different computers with different OSs: Dell w/ windows xp, macbook with mac os, and acer w/ windows vista. I received the same results of above on all three.

      I don't know if this makes a difference but where it shows chapter icon on the left side of the window it has the user as windows nt/95/98 user.

      Your help is appreciated.