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    digital signature- signing adobe documents

      We are planning to buy Adobe true credentials for signing the adobe documents using digital certificates.
      the program that we have is using the .pfx private keys to sign the documents. Can someone pls let us know if true credential software is going to generate private keys?
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          First off you'll get better results posting in the appropriate forum, this is the Digital Editions forums which is discussion about Adobe Digital Editions and eBooks in general. So the people on the forum generally aren't ready to answer Acrobat Security questions which would be better asked in the Acrobat Windows forums.

          Also "True Credentials" is not an Adobe product but a GeoTrust product.
          Look at either http://www.geotrust.com/products/client_certificates/true_credentials_express.asp

          Assuming that's what you are talking about, a quick overview of the whitepaper leads me to believe that they are using the Operating system protected storage for the both the public and private keys, so while it won't automatically generate .pfx files, you might be able export the private keys after the fact into the container format you desire. However you should really check with GeoTrust about that, since I don't have direct experience with the product.

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems
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            BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
            That explains why I had no idea what they were talking about :)