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    Problems sharing across two computers on home lan

    HarryPutnam Level 1
      I must be doing something basic wrong. The instructions for sharing a downloaded digital edtion sound very easy in the help manual but following those directions I am not able to share a book across two computers on my home lan.

      Both computers have been authorized by my user id. When I open the menu item on Library menu/Authorize computer

      I'm told the computer is authorized and my UID is shown. However when I attempt to `add' the book I get a message saying:

      > This document cannot be opened on this machine.
      > Please contact the site where you obtained the document
      > to download another copy.

      I just bought the book today not more than 2 hrs ago

      The `knowledgbase' help for digital editions is completely useless and returns no hits regardless of what I type in the search field.

      What else do I need to do to share a book across two home computers?
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          You shouldn't need anything else. The common problems (after you have gotten past the authorization) for sharing are:
          - You copy over the .etd file instead of the .pdf file.
          - You copy over the .pdf file from /Digital Editions/ebx_backup instead of /Digital Editions. (My best guess, given the error message).
          - The file was purchased with only rights to view it on a single machine.

          The not so common and more worrisome case would be if the License was not being correctly written into the file after you purchase it.

          I would suggest that after verifying you are copying the correct file, you should open up a web support case, so that Bentley can track this, and help us gather all the correct information so we can figure out what is going on.

          Sorry you're having problems
          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems