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    Six computer activation limit - ADE 1.5

      I understand that up to six computers can be associated with a named ID to share purchased ebooks.

      If a computer's hard drive is re-formatted and the operating system is reinstalled then presumably it has to be activated again. Does this count as an additional computer (and increment the activation count), or does the activation server recognise it as the same computer (and NOT increment the activation count)?

      Hope that makes sense!

      Thank you.
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          This is correct, six named activations per machine.

          Now, assuming you have named activation... that machine has a 'fingerprint' that's tied into your AdobeID. Reformatting the hard drive would cause the activation server to notice and would delete one activation, and you'd only have five left. Unless you wait a year. After a year we automatically increase the count by 1 just to be nice.

          Now, there is a procedure by which we can manually reset the machine activations in the odd situation where you might have used all six. for that you'd open a tech support case (for now... I hope to move that to Customer Service later this year)


          Bentley Wolfe
          Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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            This seems to be my problem (see "Repeated Install" thread)

            How can I open a case? Should I?

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              Surely it makes more sense to have a de-activation option available?

              Like In other Adobe applications.

              This would help users like myself that regularly reformat their systems or need to return to image backups made of the system prior to activating ADE 1.5.