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    Can I arrange bookshelves and create sub-bookshelves


      Just installed DE and I think it's great for organizing scientific journal papers for researchers. I wonder if DE is (or will be) able to perform the following tasks

      1. Arranging bookshelves. I added custom bookshelves. However they are in chronilogical order of time of addition, not in alphabetical order or other more logical order for search. Is there a way to change the bookshelf order?

      2. Adding sub-bookshelves. Again, hierarchical structure will be good for easy and quick navigation to the right document.

      3. For scientific document, important information that is useful to the readers are article title, author, "journal title", and keywords. If there is one more item of information can be added to put in journal title, or publisher, it would be nice. I can't figure out how to change the publisher information of an existing pdf document. Maybe it's unchangeable. All my document are "unknown" in the publisher information.

      Anyway, a software that shows great potential.
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          Hi Brook,

          "1. Arranging bookshelves" "sub-bookshelves"
          That's not something ADE 1.5 can do at this time. Good feature requests though.

          Publisher info is baked into the ebook itself, you can't change it (it's tied into the ebook DRM so that publishers cannot have their content repurposed without their permission)

          Now, adding some of your requested informations as metadata is also a good feature request. Thanks!


          Bentley Wolfe
          Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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            Honestly, this digital editions SUCKS! I mean you can't even underline or highlight text in it! And it doesn't seem I can copy things over to my PDA either. I've never seen a piece of software go so backwards.
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              Jim Lester Level 4
              Brook<br />Adding more capabilities to the tagging (bookshelves) is good feature request (and often asked for), so it is definitely on the roadmap for next major version.<br /><br />In the meantime, if you feel comfortable mucking about in XML.  ADE displays the bookshelves in the order that they appear in the manifest.xml <de:bookshelfSet> element.  The manifest.xml file will be in your Digital Editions folder. <br /><br />NOTE: in addition to storing the bookshelves, manifest.xml also stores your books - backup your manifest.xml before editing it.<br /><br />--<br />Jim Lester<br />Adobe Systems
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                As this was over a year ago, can anyone tell me if there are actually any plans to include some of these ideas, particularly the ability to organise the bookshelves in a more meaningful order?


                I'm also interested in being able to amend the file name to something more apropriate and add the author as many of the books I have downloaded have come up as Author Unknown?


                Many thanks

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                  I tried editing the manifest and it changed the order of the bookselves but the books didn't move with the self. For example when I opened the self labeled historical fiction it had all the sci-fi books. When I changed the order of the books I also changed the ID. I tried changing the order without changing the ID but then nothing happens at all. I have ADE 1.7. Has there been any improvements in the software to accommodate this problem or is this still the only possible solution?

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                    Viviana_Reece Level 1

                    @Nicki: to change the file name I added the book in a program called Calibre. Once the book has been loaded into the program you right click it and "edit metadata". You can change the title, author and cover picture as well as other more advanced features. You can also convert your books to other formats