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    Error adding ebooks to Digital Editions after format

      A while back, I purchased a new computer and migrated my collection of ebooks onto it.

      I started with installing Adobe 8 and digital edition and managed to activate all my ebooks that I had purchased with Adobe 8 ONLY, those that I purchased while using Adobe 7 insist that i had no right to open them. Slightly put off, I didn't give much thought to it until I formated my computer much more recently.

      After the format, I reinstall most of my driver along with adobe 7 which happen to be on one of the disk, to my great delight my ebook which I had purchased and activated using adobe 7 now works after i activate using .net, however those purchased during the digital edition era were not working.

      I then proceed to install adobe reader 8 and digital edition, this time I stumble upon an 'authorize computer' (i don't recall ever having to do this on the previous install) message and type in my .net password as I had done to activate in adobe 7.

      Digital edition inform my account didn't exist, I assume that I need to create a new account with the same .net ID and did so, then try adding the books to my library, still no luck.

      What puzzled me was that I don't remember being prompted to 'authorizing computer' on my previous install of the digital edition, in both my old and new computer, and the transition to my new computer worked fine the previous occasion except for those ebooks I purchased while using adobe 7

      To summaries:

      Old Computer - Adobe 7 purchased ebooks - work
      Adobe 8 DE purchased ebooks - work

      New Computer - Adobe 7 purchased ebooks - does not work
      Adobe 8 DE purchased ebooks - work

      New Computer (After format) - Adobe 7 purchased ebooks - work
      Adobe 8 DE purchased ebooks - does not work

      The time between my purchase of the new comp and the format was about 3 month. (March 08 - Jun 08), any help on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          A couple of things here..

          1. Adobe Reader 8 no longer has an ebook plugin. It does not read ebooks. That funcionality was removed after reader 7 and it became the product 'Adobe Digital Editions' (now version 1.5). There is no such thing as 'Adobe 8 DE'. There is only Reader 8 (no ebooks) and ADE 1.5.

          2. Digital Editions 1.5 -requires- machine activation, and it ONLY works with an Adobe ID. It does not work with a .net passport. Please read about this on http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions

          3. I believe what you need to do here is create an Adobe ID, then activate ADE 1.5 using that ID. There is a migration process built into ADE that -should- migrate your .net activated ebooks from Reader 7 so that they can be read in ADE 1.5


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