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    Adobe DRM Eroor Sys 7, State 4, Class 5, Code 31.

      I can't open downloaded book and got the following msg (plse help):
      Adobe DRM Error
      System: 7
      State: 4
      Class: 5
      Code: 31
      Your Adobe software could not be activated.
      HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.
      Adobe DRM Activator error.
      Client Code: 31 - HTTP Code: 556
      Fault location: 5
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          System 7, code 31 is always a networking problem. Meaning something on your network is preventing the book information from getting to the rights-management server (or from the rights-management information getting sent back)

          You can check firewalls, security software, etc to see where the blockage might be, or work with your network admins if you have them. See 'Error "Adobe DRM Error" when you activate Digital Editions or access an eBook" at http://www.adobe.com/go/kb402747


          Bentley Wolfe
          Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions