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    convert Oeb to EPub


      I work for a big publisher that made a large number of Oeb files (OEBPS 1.x packages) with conversion service companies. We also made thousands of PDF's, mostly with Distiller. Is there a way to automatically convert either of these formats to EPub for Adobe Digital Editions?

      While I'm here, I'd say maybe 10 to 15% of our books are made with InDesign. Probably 80 to 85% are Quark and 5% are made with other software. These are my very rought estimates. The percentage of InDesign is increasing rapidly. Although doing it from InDesign is fast and easy, I guess I should ask this. Is there a way to automate making the InDesign files into EPub?
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          Those are questions I cannot answer...

          http://www.adobe.com/devnet/digitalpublishing/ has a 'developer center feedback' form that will get you to the right people to deal with these kind of SDK oriented questions.


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