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    Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?

      I used to be able to buy ebooks in pdf format and put it on my pda/cell phone and read them through Adobe Reader Mobile. But these new ebooks don't work at all. Is there any way we can read these on our PDAs and cell phones. That used to be the biggest benefit to me - that you could take all these books around with you and read anytime you had to wait.
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          Digital Editions will have some device support in future versions. However, at this point we do not. When we have news we will make announcements on http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions.

          If this is important to you, it is possible to uninstall ADE 1.5 and reinstall an older version of Acrobat to use the old ebook reader plugin features in Acrobat 6 or 7. There are instructions on this somewhere on the forum that you should be able to find in a search.


          Bentley Wolfe
          Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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            Yes, but what happens to Digital Editions of ebooks I misguidely paid for and downloaded thinking DE worked just as Adobe EReader used to with my PDA? E-Books.com which touts your reader aren't telling anyone what happens next. Are the downloads they carry just useless without DE? Any way to convert them backward with Adobe's help?

            This is really poor launching of a whole new platform. Commercial sites who use your format aren't making clear in any way, the consequences of choosing the Adobe version of a file format; all they do is link you to Adobe DE and you're left to discover the problem.

            And by the way, your website information in the opening paragraphs of the latest Adobe Reader for Palm OS states, that now you can "take your Digital Editions... with you...." You guys need to get your marketing in sync.
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              Scott, you're absolutely right. I got into this same trouble with ebooks.com. But worse, neither they nor Adobe tell you that when you upgrade to Reader 8 - that it will delete Reader 7 from your computer and you won't even be able to use it anymore! I upgraded to 8 but did it as a fresh install into a separate directory from 7. But when I tried to open 7 it just kept opening 8. version 7 was rendered useless on my computer. No one said anything about that happening.

              Adobe really just takes over your computer with no respect for the user. They don't even tell you during the install that it's going to destroy all previous versions of Reader. It's incredibly maddening.

              So like you I bought a few ebooks in this new format only to discover it made all my old ebooks useless! And how dare ebook.com charge us full price - even more than Amazon.com charges for a real book! At least the real book will last the rest of your life. These may not even last a few months yet they dare to charge you full price for them! I'm not going to use them anymore. No more ebooks for me until some format becomes standardized. This is so outrageous.

              So yes, if I do what Bentley suggested, then my handful of new ebooks I just purchased will stop working. So how in the hell is anyone supposed to be able to use books from both versions?

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                Hi Clark and Scott, It's Stephen Cole here, CEO of eBooks.com.

                I certainly understand your disappointment. Please contact our support team by logging in at www.ebooks.com and going here http://help.ebooks.com/hd/new_ticket.php

                At the very least they'll be able to swap your books to MobiPocket format (assuming the publishers released your books in that format), which should work on your devices.

                Hope this helps.

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                  Following the link you provide just gets you back to the ADE home page where you find nothing about "Announcements." You do, however, by reading the beginning get told that you can transfer books between PC's and devices. If not a mobile device (PDA or Smartphone), what is it referring to? And when are you supposedly coming up with it: 2 months, 6 months, 1 year? Have they been so busy writing software to run on iPhone that there's been no further movement with this. Yes, we can all simply use Reader 6 authorizing DRM, but I can't even get the right software anymore to work Windows Mobile 6, so I can only work this with a Palm OS. What's happening? You have the market by the s....hairs, but leave everyone hanging by rolling only part of the software out! There's too many of us out there that routinely work between PC's and handhelds to be left hanging like this!
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                    Stephen, thanks for your response. It's good to know you're here and listening to what we're saying.

                    Personally, I LOVE ebooks. I'm always telling my friends how much better they are than "real" books. People usually say they don't like to read on a computer screen. I tell them putting their book on their PDA is as close to a book as you can get. You can even curl up with it in bed! (and read it with the lights off)!

                    The biggest advantage is being able to highlight and make comments that are searchable. However, that doesn't appear to be the case anymore in ADE. I found out (thanks to someone here) that I can take notes but I can't see that I can search on them.

                    Also, the books I bought in Adobe 7 format (hundreds of dollars worth), are now completely unusable. Someone here suggested that I uninstall ADE and re-install Adobe 7. I have just one question... why can't I run Adobe 7, Adobe 8 and ADE AT THE SAME TIME!?

                    Why in the world with such different features would Adobe make an upgrade (Adobe 8 ) that completely removes access to the previous version that has an entirely different feature set!?

                    I really don't understand what's going on at Adobe. It's like the whole Reader division was taken over by ZOMBIES! People sleep walking through life.

                    It appears the only way I can have access to my books is to have two separate computers. One running Adobe 7 and the other Adobe 8. So I can access part of my library from one computer and the other part from the other! WHO CAME UP WITH THIS IDIOTIC IDEA!?
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                      Steve, My thanks also for your reply. However, my patience didn't outlast your response time. I re-purchased the book in MobiPocket and have since transferred it to my PDA in Palm OS. I didn't see any future in investing in Adobe format books until this whole controversy over DE functionality is sorted out by Adobe. I too am like others who lost the ability to reimport my older Adobe Reader editions into DE without loss of comment text and highlighting I used in Adobe Reader (and transfers to PDAs).

                      You might add some commentary on your site about Adobe DE does not support transfer to mobil devices. It is the number one reason I have for purchasing e-books, to take them with me on my PDA. Its a shame that the exclusion is not more obvious on Ebooks.com.
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                        ...being a sensible lad I kept a copy of the installer for Acrobat 7 (and earlier versions too). I uninstalled 8, installed 7, followed the procedures I found on the forum but my device failed to get recognised (windows Mobile 6) so that was a complete waste of time too.

                        Adobe - Please give some indication of the potential timescale for device support. Mobile devices & ebooks = good mix. Mobile devices & no eBooks = very bad mix.
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                          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                          As a policy we cannot discuss future releases. So at this moment we really can't answer your question about devices and time. Sorry..


                          Bentley Wolfe
                          Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                            I'd like to make a request for a Flash Lite 3 version. Having Flash eBooks on my Sony Mylo would be the Bee's Knees.
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                              Mr. Wolfe, I'm confused about the portability feature. Today, the 18th, I went to the news/updates page you suggested:


                              And it says "Transfer copy-protected publications from your PC to other computers or devices." I also stumbled upon a page here:


                              where it says:

                              "In Digital Editions 1.0, you can only open or read eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions on the computer from which you purchased the eBooks.

                              Digital Editions 1.0 does not support portable content. When you purchase an eBook, the eBook is locked to the computer and user.

                              Adobe recommends that all users update to Digital Editions 1.5.

                              Adobe Digital Editions 1.5 converts items to a license associated with a named account, which enables digital content to be backed up, copied, and read on other machines."

                              So, as of today is the portability feature working, and if not, why is it being promoted as a reason for upgrading to 1.5?

                              I'm a librarian, and we offer Adobe e-books through the Overdrive service. I'm just about to buy a Palm device and found a book about using the Palm OS in the Overdrive catalog. It's only in Adobe format. It looks like if I wanted to read the book about Palm ON my Palm, I'd have to jump through all sorts of hoops including possibly downgrading my Adobe Reader to v. 6 from v. 8. How can I be expected to encourage our library customers to try Ebooks when I'm running into these problems myself, and can't even be sure which software to guide them to?
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                                ....Good analysis ESC, this must be about the most frustrating product release ever. You'd have thought that Adobe would be wise enough not to pull the existing functionality from Acrobat until Digital Editions was up to the task.

                                I've separately raised the question as to when mobile devices will be supported and got a blanking response along the lines of "we're not telling you because it is against our policy to do so" (One wonders if Adobe have a Customer Treatment Policy which deems this kind of response to be entirely satisfactory). We could be waiting 6 days, 6 months, 6 years or maybe even 6 lifetimes. Nobody knows.

                                Be warned about the tantalising "downgrade to an earlier version of Acrobat" route - I tried and the older version of Acrobat wouldn't recognise my mobile device. Different hardware config than yours though so you might be lucky.
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                                  Thank GOD I'm not the only one pulling my hair out on this one. I've sworn off adobe now, deleted every adobe product off of my computers and palm, and physically PRINTED the @*!$ e-book that I bought specifically to be an "E" book!


                                  So what's the better way to put an ebook on my palm...anyone?
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                                    At least you had a print option ;-)) - the book I want to read when I'm on the move is 460 pages long and there is a restriction on printing only 30 pages on any one day. Not Adobe's fault that the restriction is there ... but entirely adobe's fault that I'd even consider printing.

                                    Come on Adobe - wise up - get this sorted ASAP.
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                                      Level 1
                                      I found a product that might work...it's worth a shot.

                                      http://www.pocketgear.com/en_US/html/display_product.jsp?categoryId=cat4490052&srcPage=cat egory&id=prod6661017&sf=48190044

                                      I don't have any adobe products installed any longer, but if someone wants to try it, they have a trial option. Good luck, and let us all know if it works!
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                                        BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
                                        <<So, as of today is the portability feature working, and if not, why is it being promoted as a reason for upgrading to 1.5?

                                        I'm a librarian, and we offer Adobe e-books through the Overdrive service. I'm just about to buy a Palm device and found a book about using the Palm OS in the Overdrive catalog. It's only in Adobe format. It looks like if I wanted to read the book about Palm ON my Palm, I'd have to jump through all sorts of hoops including possibly downgrading my Adobe Reader to v. 6 from v. 8. How can I be expected to encourage our library customers to try Ebooks when I'm running into these problems myself, and can't even be sure which software to guide them to? >>

                                        Portability is working. But what that really means right now is that in ADE 1.5 you can move your content to multiple computers (assuming named activation). The device side of it is still waiting for compatible devices. Sony has announced support with the PRS-505, but the supporting software hasn't been released by Sony yet (though I think that happens soon.. can't say anything beyond that).
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                                          Can't say/Won't say - what a cop out!!! - "It's our policy" - what a joke, if as a teacher - or any other public servant - I chose to act on a policy like that when teaching your children Mr Wolfe, I can just imagine your reaction. "What did you teach in class today?" "Oh I'm sorry Mr Wolfe. I'm not allowed to say!" "When will my child need PE kit?" "Oh Mr Wolfe, Its not our policy to tell you that, but your child may face detention if they don't have proper kit!"
                                          What a public relations disaster ADE is! Half working software that prevents users accessing material previously bought and restricts new material to Windows pcs only!

                                          "Portability is working" - but only to a device that wont support it anyway or to other named computers - ever tried curling up in bed with your desktop? And while laptops may be suitable for those on a busness trip, taking one camping isn;t exactly a great idea!! Being able to read ebooks as and when and where you want to is the whole point - ebooks on something ths size of a laptop or worse still a desktop are a waste of time - if I'm at home I'll read the real thing. I want/NEED to be able to read my ebooks in a mobile environment. At the momnet ADE restricts my use of legally bought and paid for ebooks, and reading through the forums here, it appears Adobe has no thought for consumers in terms of forward or backward compatability.

                                          Surely Digital Rights Management goes both ways - the purchaser has rights as well as the copyright holder - the right to be able to read material legally purchased?
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                                              Hey Richard, cool response. In defense of Adobe (I have a sense of humour) the software works fully compared to specification, it is just that the specification is half baked.

                                              ANY software house that can't even give a remote indication as to the timeframe they are looking to support the previous functionality within the new REPLACEMENT product is not worth a dime.

                                              Mr Wolfe - I assume your hands are tied from your previous responses. I don't expect you to be able to respond personally any further on this issue. But could you please escalate this issue to whatever level of serious management might actually exist in Adobe who might actually care (even for a second) about what the custoemr wants? In a nutshell what the customer actually wants is to be able to read their digital books on as close a proximity to a physical book as possible. IE broad PDA support is an essential ingredient - indeed, IMHO, if Adobe had any sense they would have targeted PDA platforms FIRST not LAST if they had the remotest idea about why anyone would want to buy a digital, as opposed to a physical, book.

                                              Rant over (for now).

                                              Love & kisses.
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                                                Jim Lester Level 4
                                                While I know and could layout what our current device plans are for the next year, I'm going to follow the corporate policy and not discuss unreleased products. Not just because it is corporate policy and violating it can get me fired, but also because I agree with it.

                                                My personal belief is that this policy is in place for at least two good reasons:

                                                First, we deal with manufacturers, like Sony, and typically do so under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Laying out their plans even by inference would not be ethical - it is their choice to discuss their future plans or not. It is also bad business practice - if we were to violate Sony's confidence, they would stop coming to us as a partner and that would be one less set of devices for our end users.

                                                Second, the key word here is plans, and especially in the software industry plans change. A case in point is our lack of a Linux desktop version of ADE. This was in the plans and undergoing development during our 1.0 timeframe. We even said so while we were working on 1.0 and promised that we would have a Linux version "by the end of the year". Unfortunately this did not happen (and there is still no Linux version). Promising and not delivering has left our users feeling more abused, than just not promising in the first place.

                                                BTW Sony released their firmware release yesterday, and will transfer content from ADE on Windows. Hopefully there will be more announcements of device support forthcoming, but you will not hear it first on this forum.

                                                Jim Lester
                                                Adobe Systems
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                                                  Level 1
                                                  OK - Obviously no pressure from your users is going to change the policy.

                                                  But I do like to contrast it with Microsoft's where products are announded early, CTP versions are available early, feedback greatly influences development direction. Beta's become available pre-release. Plans do change, features get dropped, sometimes whole products get dropped and deadlines get pushed back.

                                                  But Microsoft engage their customers and provide clear sight of where things are heading. Adobe have choosen not to. Which is very frustrating for the user community. More so than have features being dropped (or even whole products), IMO.

                                                  As a software developer myself my policy always veers towards engaging my cusotmers rather than providing the mushroom treatment. Adobe are quite in their rights to make the decision that the latter is best for the corporation. Which can only be respected, albeit reluctantly.
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                                                    Level 1
                                                    Okay, so we understand that it's Adobe's policy not to share any plans with its customers. But I wonder if you might be able to share your thinking.

                                                    For instance, does Adobe understand the importance of letting customers read their books on however many devices/computers they may have? Personally, I have three computers, one PDA and one iPhone. Sure would hate to be told I can read it "here" but not "there".

                                                    Does Adobe understand the necessity and urgency of making ebooks compatible or upgradable to future versions of the software?

                                                    Does Adobe understand AND care that apparently thousands of people have now lost thousands of dollars in previously purchased Adobe ebooks that are now UNREADABLE.

                                                    Does Adobe understand that millions of people will have iPhones and many of us may like to read books on our phones like we used to read them on Windows-based phones?

                                                    And does Adobe have any sympathy for any of the above?
                                                    • 23. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                      Level 1
                                                      Oh and one other question.

                                                      Does Adobe understand and appreciate the necessity for ebook readers to be able to UNDERLINE, HIGHLIGHT, and ADD COMMENTS - in a way where these are all searchable?
                                                      • 24. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                        I just bought an ebook from Wetfeet. Their only reference was to it being in PDF format. When I downloaded it I was without explaination taken to the ADE 1.5 install page. Went through the install and authorization process and now find that I have to be connected to the Internet to launch ADE in order to read the book.

                                                        I've got it on a laptop and want to read the book offline while on an airplane and it appears that I can't. Am I missing something here? Not having offline access to the book I paid a premium price for is just outright unacceptable.

                                                        Extremely poor product design on Adobe's part. I'm going to return the book, uninstall ADE, advise Wetfeet not to use ADE and get my money back.
                                                        • 25. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                          Level 1
                                                          Update--looks like it was "operator error" on my part (sorry, Adobe). After rebooting the laptop, I am able to access the book offline.
                                                          • 26. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                            Jim Lester Level 4
                                                            Great, I love problems that solve themselve :). However I agree that we have had some design challenges with the discovery of the Digital Editions application itself. There should be a shortcut to Digital Editions placed on your Desktop, on line or offline you will always be able to launch Digital Editions and read your content.

                                                            Jim Lester
                                                            • 27. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                              davemachews Level 1
                                                              Before I started a new topic thread, could you tell if this is the same question I am having here.

                                                              Basically, I'd like to know if the eBook purchased in Digital Edition or an ebook activated in DE will be allowed to be open in another PDF software let say in Tablet PC?
                                                              • 28. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                                Jim Lester Level 4

                                                                Assuming that you have Digital Editions installed on all the machines, and that you have authorized you Digital Editions installations with the same AdobeID, you will be able to transfer purchased eBooks between those machines.

                                                                However besides computers running Windows (XP or Vista) or Macintosh OS X (10.4 or 10.5) we currently only support one other device: the Sony Reader PRS 505 running the latest version of the firmware. Most Tablet PCs are running XP or Vista so you should be able to transfer content to your Tablet PC.

                                                                Jim Lester
                                                                Adobe Systems
                                                                • 29. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                                  I, too, purchased an e-book that was offered in ".pdf" format. That was all. There was no indication that I was purchasing a Digital Editions book with a label like "Digital Editions .pdf" or ".etd" or anything in the confirmation e-mail; nor was there anything anywhere on the site that said as much. I was directed to the DE download page which was also vague about it's limitations (I'm sure it's in the fine print somewhere, so no one at Adobe can be held liable for anything at all, but it's not readily available while you're trying to access your legally purchased ebook). Of course, I downloaded and installed the program, thinking I'd be able to read it on my iPod touch (which I've had great success with regarding true .pdf's), only to experience the same frustrations shared by a majority of Adobe's customers here. DE is a pervasive mess. Any ebook sellers who use Digital Editions, knowing its failures, are being extraordinarily negligent to their paying customers. I emailed the vendor I purchased the ebook from and explained the problem, requesting a response, and hopefully, some fair and, at least, usable solution, but was completely ignored. And charged a ridiculously high price for a book I am only allowed to read as Adobe sees fit. I might be able to open the book outside DE, but it wants a password to unlock it which appears to have been set by Adobe. None of mine work. All this with, again, no warning from any of the parties involved. After reading the posts here, I'm afraid to remove Digital Editions in the event that my system and previous purchases will somehow be compromised. Shame on you, Adobe. You should be more responsible with your products and disclosures, and not hide behind the fine print...wherever it is.
                                                                  • 30. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                                    Level 1
                                                                    I think the thread got off the topic a bit. If adobe would just let folks know UP FRONT when they are "updating" to digital editions, that previously purchased books will be unavailable, AND that you cannot put these books on ANY OTHER portable device other than the Sony thingie.

                                                                    If I had known that prior, I would have purchased the e-book in a different format, and I would still be a satisfied customer. The "back alley" way of making the digital editions download seem necessary was what put us off, adobe.
                                                                    • 31. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                                      It looks like someone might have to look into a class action lawsuit to get Adobe's attention with this mess!
                                                                      • 32. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                                        Not to beat the dead horse too much more, but I like others would like to know how or when I can use Adobe Digital 1.5 to read ebooks on my axim (which operates using windows mobile). When I bought my ebook it only came in adobe digital format (later it was released in other formats, but that doesn't help me now).

                                                                        I have bought other pdf format ebooks in the past and thought nothing of it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could not put it on my axim. Thankfully I only have the one ebook, and I haven't lost hundreds of dollars worth of ebooks like others, since I usually use mobipocket or ms reader. However, I truly do like the adobe digital format, and would love to be able to use in on my pda.

                                                                        If nothing else, at least see if you can upgrade the program so that I and others can use it on our windows mobile pdas and smartphones (btw my cell actually operates using palm... but again... that doesn't help me).

                                                                        Thank you.

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                                                                          Level 1
                                                                          I like beating a dead horse! Keeps the pressure up! Anyway, for all you iPhone users out there I just found what looks like a decent substitute. You can actually get real books with it too. It's http://ereader.com.

                                                                          On your iPhone you can go to the App Store and search on "ereader" and it's the first one that comes up. It says "Fictionwise" but they have non-fiction as well. (that was my first fear)!

                                                                          Anyway, I'm reading a book on it now and it's passable. It has a couple of weird quirks, like you can't scroll. But you can turn pages really easily just by tapping the right side of the screen. Another weird thing is it's hard to tell where in the book you are. There are no scroll bars or page numbers... so that's a little disorienting. They'll probably change that in a newer version.

                                                                          Anyway, if you're like me and you just have to read on your phone or PDA check that out. At least I can put a few books on my phone now and have something to read when I have to wait in line and stuff!
                                                                          • 34. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?
                                                                            On Windows XP based computers you can use earlier reader editions like 7 or 8, and that will sync quite easily with the adobe mobile reader 2.0, but none of that works once you upgrade to Vista. Now my HP handheld won't synch with my vista computer without upgrades and the vista computer requires ADE which won't allow me to transfer ebooks to my handheld pc. Does anyone have any idea when ADE will be updated so we can transfer ebooks to our handhelds?
                                                                            Even libraries have ebooks to check out and the most common format is adobe--but again, what good is that when it isn't portable!?
                                                                            • 35. Re: Can we put these new eBooks on our PDAs?

                                                                              Ok i have just discovered the wonders of digital editions. I got a zire 31 palm for christmas and just bought two books from waterstones which were in epub format. I was told on the site i would need to install digital editions which i did. When i looke at the digital editions website it said i would be able to transfer my ebooks to my palm and read them using adobe for palm os as long as i activated both my computer and palm on their website which i did. However when i try to put my new ebboks onto my palm via adobe for palm os (latest edition) it says it does not support this format. Is this something i am doing wrong of is there still problems with digital editions which is preventing me from doing so?

                                                                              Is there any way of getting my ebooks (epub) onto my palm or is it just waiting for adobe to get their act together?

                                                                              Thanks is advance for any responses