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    Upgrade to 1.5.791 = book no longer readable


      I just tried running Digital Editions on my Windows Vista Ultimate machine, and I was required to upgrade to 1.5.791. I have a single book. During the installation I got an error dialog with the following:

      Error converting license
      Source File: GoogleSketchup_For_Dummies.pdf
      Failed to rename document
      Source File: GoogleSketchup_For_Dummies_1.pdf
      Output File: GoogleSketchup_For_Dummies.pdf
      --- end ---

      I can view the book icon in Digital Editions 1.5, but if I attempt to open it, I get:

      Internal Error - document already failed.

      I haven't been able to find anything in the knowledgebase and the support address digitaleditions@adobe.com gives an automated response saying that eMail support is no longer available.

      Does anybody have any ideas?