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    Import error

      Hello all,

      I just downloaded and installed Digital Editions 1.5791. I successfully authorized my computer. However, when DE tries to import my (only) e-book, it says:

      ]There were some documents that were not imported into your library during Rebuild Bookshelf.
      There was a network error that prevented DRM activation on your system.
      Please see the import.log file for details.
      0 of 1 documents were imported.
      --- end ---

      The import.log file says the following:

      ]Version 1.5.791 WIN Thu Jul 3 13:15:56 2008 UTC

      ]Rebuild Bookshelf Phase 3 starting.
      C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\My Documents\My Digital Editions\An_Introduction_to_Planetar.PDF
      E_DRM 7 4 15 31
      Your Adobe software could not be activated.
      HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.
      Adobe DRM Activator error.
      Client Code: 31 - HTTP Code: 555
      Fault location: 15
      Rebuild Bookshelf failed because of Activation Server error.

      ]Rebuild Bookshelf results:
      Initial Document candidates:1
      EBX Document not imported due to Activation Error:1
      Acrobat EBX PDF imported:0
      Acrobat EBX PDF failed to import:0
      ADE EBX PDF imported:0
      ADE EBX PDF failed to import:0
      Other Acrobat PDF imported:0
      Policy Server or Acrobat Password-protected failed to import:0
      ADE EBX ePUB imported:0
      ADE EBX ePUB failed to import:0
      Plain ePUB imported:0
      Plain ePUB failed to import:0
      EBX PDF converted to new License:0
      EBX PDF failed to convert to new License:0
      EBX ePub converted to new License:0
      EBX ePub failed to convert to new License:0
      ---- end Rebuild Bookshelf results ----

      ]Version 1.5.791 WIN Thu Jul 3 13:16:12 2008 UTC
      Rebuild Bookshelf Phase 3 complete.
      ---- end Rebuild Bookshelf ----

      I was connected to the internet at the time I tried this. I have tried opening the book in DE but nothing happens.

      If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this problem, I will be happy to hear them.


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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

          Even though you're connected to the net, it is still fairly common to have some firewall, proxy or other software on your machine block Digital Edition's communication with the server. Basically there was a problem with the headers being sent from the webservices on our activation server back to your machine.

          This is essentially what we document in "Error "Adobe DRM Error" when you activate Digital Editions or access an eBook" at http://www.adobe.com/go/kb402747, only I need to add a bit more technical detail about the headers, which I'll try to do this week..

          Ooh, I found the info:
          Make sure the firewall is using port 80 and NO CACHE is on
          Make sure that the firewall allows your browser and Reader/Acrobat to connect to http://aractivate.adobe.com

          Here's the list of all the HTTP headers Reader uses--open them for both directions. The ports are the standard HTTP ports. (Reader doesn't use SSL.)


          I'll get this added to the technote. Hopefully it'll get you on your way. But to be truthful these kind of firewall/proxy issues can be hard to figure out sometimes. Sometimes (if possible) it's easier to take the machine to another network..
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            Our company blocks all adobe update traffic which includes the DRM Activator. The E-Reader software is uninstalled from the user's PC that is erroring out because of this but Adobe Reader will still not open. Really? Why? I cannot find a fix without recreating the user profile and I really am tired of all the crap that adobe breaks. Just once I'd like a fix from adobe that works.
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              BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

              You might be able to get better information in the Acrobat forums.. this forum focuses on just Digital Editions 1.5 now (reader dropped ebook support as of version 8 a few years ago)...


              Bentley Wolfe
              Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions