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    (sony) `Ebook Library' to `Adobe Digital  Editions'

    HarryPutnam Level 1
      Searching here for ways to convert an (sony) `Ebook Library' format (*.lrx) to something the Adobe Digital Editions reader can read, I find long threads about converting the other way (adobe to sony) but not the reverse.

      I have both freebie readers and have found the `Ebook Library' offered for download by sony, has a more extensive library easily accessed thru the reader in the genre I like to read (crime fiction/mystery).

      I'm sure the same stuff is available somewhere on the net for the Adobe Digital Editions reader but with the `Ebook Library' I haven't had to search, just use there library.

      The trouble is the reader part of `Ebook Library' sucks. Its pretty primitive compared to the adobe DE. For starters I can't reduce the size of type characters below a rather huge size. Even the smallest setting in the reader results in rather huge type. The reader is cumbersome and clunky in many other ways as well.

      I vastly prefer reading with the Adobe DE. But do not like having to put so much time and energy into finding the books I want to download in Adobe DE format. Jumping around thru the various links I have for ebooks to find what I want instead of using the `Ebooks Library' to find it in one search/purchase combined move.

      So how can I read the stuff downloaded in *.lrx format in Adobe DE. There is no intent to circumvernt DRM or some other sleaze... I don't mind paying for the books... I just want to read them in the software of choice, Adobe DE