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    Computer died-new computer can't open etextbook

      My computer crashed hard with my etextbook on it. I used Carbonite.com to backup my hard drive, so the files weren't lost. The new computer uses Vista. I installed DE and downloaded the textbook from the Carbonite backup. Now I'm getting the message "Document is licensed for a different user account."

      First the print copy gets lost in the mail, now my digital copy is lost on a crashed computer. I can't afford another $70 for a third copy and class has already started. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          Well, the answer to this depends on your memory. Do you remember if you used named activation when you originally purchased the book?

          If you used 'Easy Activation' (otherwise known as 'anonymous activation') then you're in trouble, because books activated that way are NOT portable and cannot be moved to another drive or machine.

          Now, if you'll open a support case then we can check to see if there are activations against your email address. Also consider the possibility that you may not be remembering the address you authorized with correctly..

          (To open a Digital Editions 1.5 Technical Support case, please use the contact links at http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions)


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