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    I now hate ebook for textbooks

      I have been struggling with using your software for the last year. I liked Adobe 7 and how it handled it, hate that I cant talk the textbook to kinko's to print even though I can print it. Can do the auto read that version 7 can. The user interface it hard to deal with, just like office 07. I miss having normal menus. I downgraded to acrobat version 7 for mac on an intel, don't work great, but I can use the book.
      problem is that the textbooks are download by chapter, wish you can search all the separate files together, like search the whole book. I see the benefit of paying to print the book over using DE, if you only could at kinko's, but 1000pgs on a personal printer, enough said.

      Both the Mac and Win versions drive me nuts. It reminds me of other non-functional software, Windows Vista, Office 2007.

      In the end, Adobe, please just put the DE part back in acrobat,I want to have the features to that were in adobe 7. Until then I will no longer upgrade either my readers or my full versions.