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    ADE Problems with publications authored in InDesign CS3

      We are preparing documents with a view to using them in ADE. These documents are prepared in InDesign (now CS3)(A4/Zero Bleed) and currently exported as PDF - for the user to read them in Acrobat Reader.

      We have been waiting for ADE to be released so that we can move the readeship to this format. In testing this we have now encountered the following problems:

      - All document formating in InDesign when exported to PDF is correct. Using XHTML/Digital Editions exporting the .epub, the formatting is totally lost. Margins and pagnation are lost. One page follows after another without spacing. When you decrease the font size, the next page swaps the current one. A PDF in ADE - these probelms do not appear.

      - ADE has a problem with drop-shadows. In a PDF read in ADE, items with drop shadow show an extended outline and not offset around the characters and instead of being grey has become white. Also, in ADE, the .epub makes the drop shadow as an all round edging - orignally being a simple drop-shadow.

      Of these, the first issues are extermely serious as we will still have to work with PDF in ADE. Any suggestions?

      UPDATE: Have now updated the XHTML/Digital Editions driver to 1.01. No difference. Also, used template design to use as simple test and same problem.

      BTW - All Documents are set up for A4 with zero bleed. Confirm that a InDesign CS3 document works in export to PDF but not export to XHTML/Digital Editions.