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    Too Many Activations

      I've opened Case #0180303631 and received the reply below which provides me no help. I am using version 1.5, I am running XP and only on one computer. From what I have been reading, it sounds like if you have to activate this every time, you are only allowed to use it 6 times then you have to get Customer Service to reset your activations. That doesn't sound very useful. I hope I am wrong in my understanding. If I open DE and activate it, I get the message too many activations. If I don't activate it, it tells me internal error document already failed. If I copy it to my desktop and add it to the library from there, I am told Error W_ADEPT_CORE_USER_CREDENTIALS_NOT_FOUND
      Document is licensed for a different user account

      This is the reply from Tech Support:

      I understand that your Adobe Digital Editions always requires

      What's the version of your Adobe Digital Editions?

      If you authorize your computer with an Adobe ID, then it will always be
      associated with that Adobe ID. If you do not, the account is
      "anonymous". If you "anonymously" activate two computers, then there are
      two separate anonymous accounts, which cannot be merged. Thus, the
      eBooks on one computer can be upgraded to "belong" to a specific Adobe
      ID, but the eBooks on the other cannot. If you authorize the second
      computer with your Adobe ID, any subsequent purchases on it are
      associated with that ID and transferable to any computer authorized with
      that ID. However, the books that were purchased on the second computer
      prior to being activated are forever locked to that computer. You can
      also activate up to six computers and devices. If you reach the limit,
      contact Customer Service to increase your allowable activations. Please
      let us know if these will help in resolving your issue.

      If youre still having some issue with Adobe Digital Editions, I suggest
      you visit the link provided below for further references.

      Adobe Digital Editions FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

      Adobe Digital Editions Help:

      Adobe Digital Editions Support Center:

      Adobe Digital Editions Forum:
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          No, you do NOT have to activate every time. You only have to activate once per machine. You only should have to authorize the machine once, after that ADE 1.5 should just open.

          Please ask the agent (via your web case) to esclate your case to a senior engineer (and point to this thread if necessary). Once the case is escalated we can take a look at the activations and do a reset, then try to determine what might be causing multiple activation requests..


          Bentley Wolfe
          Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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            I am having the exact same issue, every time I open Digital reader it wants me to activate it.
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              BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
              Jon, please open a support case. I've heard this a couple times, and I'm setting up a session for next week to screen-share an end user's machine to try to figure out why it's happening.. Hopefully we'll know more about this next week.

              To open a Digital Editions 1.5 Technical Support case, please use the contact links at http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions.


              Bentley Wolfe
              Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                I opened ticket #0180340622 and got the same message as Kim. No help and I still can't access my purchased books.
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                  BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                  I've been working directly with another customer who's having this same problem. In his case it appears that his machine's Windows Registry is in bad shape (it's a fairly old machine and that can happen over time).

                  That said, we don't know the exact cause yet. I'm trying to find a common cause..

                  I'm going to take your case over directly and get in touch with you to do a little troubleshooting (I also have the ability to reset your activations, which we will do during troubleshooting)


                  Bentley Wolfe
                  Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                    I put in Case #0180345167 for ADE asking to activate everytime I launched it. Now I cannot activate it due to "TOO MANY ACTIVATIONS". I was told to uninstall ADE, create a new user profile, the reinstall ADE. I still cannot activate the software. PLEASE!!! reset my activations so that I can use this software.
                    I understand the need to use DRM, but before you put the software out for public use, you have to make sure there are no issues with it. If you customers can't use the software because of your DRM protection scheme, they will be less likely to buy any software from you. This is the problem with all the DRM schemes that have been used. They are more about protecting the content than allowing the customers to USE the content. Quit treating your customers as criminals. This software needs to have the issues with activation corrected quickly. One improvment would be to have a way for the user to de-activate a computer which would add 1 back to his/her activation limit.
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                      BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                      This issue of 'repeated requests for activation' is new, and we don't know what's causing it yet. It just started happening a few weeks ago, long after the April launch of Digital Editions (and it never happened during pre-release testing that I know of..)

                      Your case will get escalated to me, probably today. I and I can reset your activations. But that will NOT solve the problem. I spent 90 minutes working with another customer this morning with the same problem, and it appears to be related to windows registry permissions. But I haven't been able to solve it yet.

                      Anyway, long story short I'll grab your case and get in touch with you directly outside of forums and we can have a discussion about the situation.


                      Bentley Wolfe
                      Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                        Level 1

                        Thank you for your response. I would like to hear from you to get this issue resolved. Have you tried to contact me? Do you need any other information from me?
                        I don't mean to sound impatient, but I am nearing the end of a course and need to be able to acces the e-book to complete it. I am quickly running out of time. Please help corret this problem quickly!
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                          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                          Your case just got to me today and I reset your activations.

                          As of today I have a workaround. I don't have an actual solution yet, but I have a way you can move forward and read your books until we figure this out. I provided that information to the Tier 2 agent, but I'll repeat it here. The technote about it should be live on http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/ tomorrow..

                          Admittedly, I do not love this workaround. But it will work for awhile.

                          For the general public:
                          In addition to using the following workaround to allow your machine to launch Adobe Digital Editions 1.5, if you have received the error "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS" you will ALSO need to open an Adobe support webcase and ask that your activation count be reset. To open a Digital Editions 1.5 Technical Support case, please use the contact links at http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions.

                          To temporarily work around this issue of ADE 1.5 repeatedly asking for activation:

                          1. Open a support case and have your authorization count reset if necessary.
                          2. Select Start> Control Panel
                          3. Launch "User Accounts"
                          4. Create a new user account with Administrative privileges. If you are uncertain how to do this see Microsoft KB article "How to create and configure user accounts in Windows XP" at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/279783
                          5. Log out of your primary account
                          6. Log in to the new user account
                          7. Launch Internet Explorer. This browser should be available to a new user account. If you prefer to use another browser such as Mozilla Firefox you would need to reinstall that browser in the new user account.
                          8. Install Adobe Digital Editions 1.5 to the new account, from:
                          9. Launch and authorize Digital Editions using the same AdobeID you used on the other account.

                          There it is.. Hasn't failed for any of the folks I've had try it so far. But please keep in mind that this is a -temporary- workaround, not a full solution.


                          Bentley Wolfe
                          Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                            dwarrenk Level 1

                            I am reading these posts as I sit hear on hold listening to lame music for the second time today. The first time, after 30 minutes on hold and then talking to India, only to be transferred to tech support and another 30 minutes on hold, I was cut off. This time, I've been on hold now approaching 45 minutes, all because the activation limit has been reached. I have purchased Adobe production suites 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 (2 copies). 3.0 and 4.0, and before that, started with I think version 4.0... all legal copies. Even though I've used Premier for editing the last 12-15 years, my next edit computer will be a MAC with Final Cut Pro... Premier is not dependable to work "day in and day out"... maybe it's Windows... maybe it's Adobe, I don't know. But 2 calls with a 45 minute "on hold" time to activate a purchased production suite? If I had the cash flow right now, I'd go to Final Cut Pro immediately... but I don't, so, right now I have to continue to "HOLD" to re-activate CS3... all due to a system hard drive crash and a new hard drive replacement. All we can do as customers is voice our complaints... and in my case in the future, buy the competitor's product. I don't mind an activation, but time is money, and Adobe could make the process easier... as you can tell, I'm very frustrated! (and still "on hold")

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                              was this temporary workaround replaced by full solution at last, because i have the same problem with my adobe digital edition (german version).