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    A different DRM error

      I browsed through most of the forum and didn't see the same problem. Trying to open eBook. It was bought from ebooks.com. After working with computers since the early 90's I've never ran into such a run around headache as this. I've registered with Microsoft's .net, a passport, Adobe's website two or three times for different things... it's absurdly difficult to just read a book.

      Adobe DRM Error
      System: 5
      State: 4
      Class: 800
      Code: 10

      Adobe DRM client Error: 810
      Local voucher engine error:
      VE error code 10

      --- end ---

      For the love of ice cream, please help.
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          I've asked our support team to contact you directly to provide assistance.

          Let me know how things work out for you.


          STEPHEN COLE
          Ebooks Corporation
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            BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
            I believe this is going to be a firewall or proxy issue, same as what's described in this technote:
            "Error: "Adobe DRM Error" when you activate Digital Editions or access an eBook"

            What's happening is that the book authorization can not get the voucher from the HTTP header ( sent in response from Adobe Content Server during the voucher fulfillment for your book).

            A firewall or proxy server or something else on your machine has mangled or stripped the custom HTTP headers. It happens a lot..
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              What's the procedure to take to solve the problem? I got the same error.

              Your promt help is greatly appreciated!