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    DE's publisher metadata - where to enter it in Acrobat?

      We made some PDFs of books, using Acrobat. I'm looking at them in Digital Editions.

      When I look at my Digital Editions "Library" in "View Items as List," there are columns for Title, Author, Publisher, Last Read, etc.

      The Title and Author data comes straight from what we'd put into the PDF's "Document Properties" over in Acrobat--that's all populated fine in Digital Editions. But in Digital Editions, my PDFs all are listed as "Publisher Unknown."

      I want to use Acrobat to put publisher data into my PDFs, so that it will show up over in the publisher column in Digital Editions. But where? How?

      Thus far, I've tried (in Acrobat) to 1) populate other likely fields in the "Additional Metadata" in Document Properties, 2) add a Custom Property over in the Custom tab, and 3) upload additional metadata from an external file on the Advanced tab. I still get "Publisher Unknown" when I delete and reload the file in Digital Editions and look at the Publisher column.

      Any ideas where Digital Editions is looking for this Publisher data in the PDF?